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Scottsboro Case

In March 1931, nine black teenagers were taken off a freight train in Alabama and arrested for vagrancy and disorder.

"Success Ethic"

the economic crisis worked to undermine the traditional "--" in America. Yet the Depression did not, in the end, seriously erode the --

Popular Front

a broad coalition of "antifascist" groups on the left, of which the most important was the American Communist Party.

Spanish Civil War

Between Nationals and Republicans, Fransisco Franco

Herbert Hoover

President during the depression

Agricultural Marketing Act

A program to assist the already troubled agricultural economy.


a program of voluntary cooperation for recovery.


Shanty towns built by homeless people during the great depression

Bonus Army

Veterans trying to get their money

Farmer's Holiday Association

In the summer of 1932, a group of unhappy farm owners gathered in Des Moines, Iowa, to establish a new organization, which endorsed the withholding of farm products from the market - in effect a farmer's strike

New Deal


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