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  1. Le compré una corbata a mi padre.
  2. veíamos
  3. la cuerda
  4. mentía, mentías, mentía, mentíamos, mentían
  5. Mientras mi hermano mayor veía la tele, mi hermano menor y yo hacíamos la tarea.
  1. a we used to see
  2. b While my older brother was watching TV, my younger brother and I were doing our homework
  3. c the rope
  4. d I was lying, used to lie, you, he, we, they
  5. e I bought my father a tie.

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  1. the collections
  2. as a little one
  3. a teddy bear
  4. I gave each of them a coin.
  5. the fish (pl.)

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  1. unos bloquesa doll


  2. la guardería infantilthe truth


  3. el patio de recreothe playground


  4. la colecciónthe collection


  5. una muñecaa doll