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  1. Te busco unos calcetines.
  2. la guardería infantil
  3. ¿Por qué no fuiste al zoológico?
  4. consentido
  5. el mundo
  1. a the world
  2. b Why didn't you go to the zoo?
  3. c the daycare center
  4. d spoiled
  5. e I'll look for some socks for you.

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  1. as a little one
  2. I'm offering you a piece of candy.
  3. I obey, you, he, we, they
  4. naughty, mischievous
  5. the coin

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  1. Les di una moneda a cada bothers me when


  2. me molesta cuandoonce in a while


  3. la tortugathe rope


  4. los pecesthe fish (pl.)


  5. una muñecathe coin


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