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  1. la colección
  2. de vez en cuando
  3. el triciclo
  4. me molesta cuando
  5. éramos
  1. a once in a while
  2. b the collection
  3. c it bothers me when
  4. d the tricycle
  5. e we used to be (ser)

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  1. I bought my father a tie.
  2. naughty, mischievous
  3. the truth
  4. I gifted an electric train to my cousins.
  5. to behave well

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  1. de niñoas a child


  2. Mis hermanitas se portaban mal.I was going to go but I never went.


  3. el mundothe world


  4. el vecinothe neighbor


  5. Mientras mi hermano mayor veía la tele, mi hermano menor y yo hacíamos la tarea.While my older brother was watching TV, my younger brother and I were doing our homework