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  1. Mis hermanastras eran bastante obedientes.
  2. Les regalé un tren eléctrico a mis primos.
  3. de niño
  4. el mundo
  5. la colección
  1. a the world
  2. b I gifted an electric train to my cousins.
  3. c My step-sisters were quite obedient.
  4. d as a child
  5. e the collection

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  1. I played (a game), you, he, we, they
  2. I play (a game), you, he, we, they
  3. the truth
  4. in general (generalmente)
  5. I gave each of them a coin.

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  1. Mientras mi hermano mayor veía la tele, mi hermano menor y yo hacíamos la tarea.While my older brother was watching TV, my younger brother and I were doing our homework


  2. Mis padres no me permiten salir los viernes de noche.My neighbors were very generous to me. (with me)


  3. las coleccionesthe collection


  4. mentía, mentías, mentía, mentíamos, mentíanI was lying, used to lie, you, he, we, they


  5. traviesotimid