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  1. obedezco, obedeces, obedece, obedecemos, obedecen
  2. mentía, mentías, mentía, mentíamos, mentían
  3. Te busco unos calcetines.
  4. Les di una moneda a cada uno.
  5. Todos mis amigos eran bien educados.
  1. a I obey, you, he, we, they
  2. b All of my friends were well mannered.
  3. c I gave each of them a coin.
  4. d I was lying, used to lie, you, he, we, they
  5. e I'll look for some socks for you.

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  1. the turtle; the tortoise
  2. in general (generalmente)
  3. the collections
  4. I gifted an electric train to my cousins.
  5. I bought my father a tie.

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  1. tímidotimid


  2. la verdadthe truth


  3. ¿Por qué no fuiste al zoológico?in general (generalmente)


  4. Iba a ir pero nunca fui.I was going to go but I never went.


  5. Le a child