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  1. obedezco, obedeces, obedece, obedecemos, obedecen
  2. Todo el mundo que tenía el pelo negro tenía los ojos cafés.
  3. la verdad
  4. íbamos
  5. travieso
  1. a I obey, you, he, we, they
  2. b naughty, mischievous
  3. c Everyone that had black hair had brown eyes.
  4. d we used to go
  5. e the truth

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  1. the fish (pl.)
  2. I lie, you, he, we, they
  3. I played (a game), you, he, we, they
  4. a dinosaur
  5. as a little one

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  1. saltar a la cuerdato jump rope


  2. Todos mis amigos eran bien educados.All of my friends were well mannered.


  3. la cuerdathe rope


  4. el mundothe coin


  5. Mis hermanitas se portaban mal.My little sisters (usually) misbehaved.


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