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  1. la verdad
  2. el pez
  3. de niño
  4. mentía, mentías, mentía, mentíamos, mentían
  5. la colección
  1. a the collection
  2. b I was lying, used to lie, you, he, we, they
  3. c as a child
  4. d the fish (sing.)
  5. e the truth

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  1. the fish (pl.)
  2. I was playing, used to play (a game), you, he, we, they
  3. Lourdes was her dad's favorite.
  4. the tricycle
  5. spoiled

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  1. me molesta cuandoonce in a while


  2. el patio de recreoa teddy bear


  3. Mientras mi hermano mayor veía la tele, mi hermano menor y yo hacíamos la tarea.I was lying, used to lie, you, he, we, they


  4. mentí, mentiste, mintió, mentimos, mintieronI lied, you, he, we, they


  5. todo el mundothe world