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The UK's EU membership fee

more than it gets back.
The UK pays into the EU budget :
£13.1 billion
In 2016 the UK government paid to the EU budget (after the rebate) :
£4.5 billion.
In 2016 EU spending on the UK was forecast to be :
£8.6 billion
In 2016 the UK's 'net contribution' was estimated at (about) :
£250 million
Per week, the UK actually pays the EU just under
£24 million
So overall we paid in, per day
£1 billion
The calculation for UK payments to the EU does not include payments the EU makes directly to the private sector (e.g. research grants), worth an estimated (in 2014) :
cost or benefit
A membership fee isn't the same as the (economic) :
Trade, jobs and investment
Being in the EU costs money but it also creates :