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Brexit Options

a post-Brexit deal with the EU
MPs and Lords will vote on :
try again
The scenario in which the UK could ask for an extension (to the two-year negotiating period) [if all 28 countries agree], is called the :
abort Brexit
The scenario in which the UK could ask to remain a member (probably only if all 28 countries agree), is called the :
no deal
The scenario in which the UK would (leave with) no deal, is called the :
second referendum
The scenario in which there was another referendum on the final deal (take the deal on the table or the 'no deal' scenario), is called the :
divorce deal
One possible final deal (including: the status of UK citizens in other EU countries; EU budget liabilities; pending applications for EU funding and grants; and pending decisions of EU regulators), is called a :
divorce deal plus
Another possible final deal, including other, more forward-looking things, like trade, is called a :