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  1. Stock Exchange
  2. Formal Will
  3. Price/Earnings Ratio
  4. Broker
  5. Current Yield
  1. a go between for buyers and sellers of securities
  2. b attorney prepared will
  3. c market place for securities
  4. d price of one share of stock divided by the earnings per share
  5. e annual dividend divided by current market value

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  1. land and anything attached
  2. several people invest in real estate
  3. amount being borrowed by the buyer
  4. simplest form of saving.
  5. handwritten will

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  1. Pensionseries of regular payments made to a retired worker under an organized plan


  2. Municipal Bondissued by local/state government


  3. Bear Marketpessimistic stock market


  4. Home Equityamount of money that an insurance company will pay at definite intervals to a person who has previously deposited money with company.


  5. Corporate Bondissued by corporation