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  1. Dividends
  2. Rate of return
  3. Holographic Will
  4. Bear Market
  5. Life Insurance
  1. a total interest earned divided by original deposit
  2. b part of profits
  3. c cash value provides both savings and death benefits
  4. d pessimistic stock market
  5. e handwritten will

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  1. issued by corporation
  2. share of ownership
  3. grain, livestock, precious metals, etc.
  4. profit from sale of asset
  5. options, commodities, precious metals and gems, speculative stocks, junk bonds, collectibles

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  1. compounding interestgrain, livestock, precious metals, etc.


  2. Diversificationseries of regular payments made to a retired worker under an organized plan


  3. Savingsassurance that the money you have invested will be returned to you


  4. Riskchance of loss


  5. Investment Fundsputting your money to use in order to make more money.


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