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  1. Stock
  2. compounding interest
  3. Total Return
  4. Yield
  5. Investment Funds
  1. a small group of people who invest money.
  2. b share of ownership
  3. c Earning interest on interest
  4. d rate of return
  5. e calculation of everything earned on an investment

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  1. difference between home worth and home loan
  2. issued by local/state government
  3. Total interest earned / original deposit
  4. legal document giving lender legal claim to property
  5. items of personal interest to collectors.

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  1. Holographic Willattorney prepared will


  2. Six types of low risk investmentsoptions, commodities, precious metals and gems, speculative stocks, junk bonds, collectibles


  3. Riskchance of loss


  4. Four types of growth investmentsCash, savings, money market, certificates of deposits, government bonds, retirement accounts


  5. Life Insuranceseries of regular payments made to a retired worker under an organized plan


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