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  1. Mortgage
  2. Stock Certificate
  3. Pension
  4. Coupon Rate
  5. REITs
  1. a rate of interest
  2. b several people invest in real estate
  3. c legal document giving lender legal claim to property
  4. d series of regular payments made to a retired worker under an organized plan
  5. e proof of ownership

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  1. total interest earned divided by original deposit
  2. land and anything attached
  3. US treasury securities, conservative corporate bonds, state and municipal bonds, income and utility stocks
  4. grain, livestock, precious metals, etc.
  5. share of ownership

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  1. Safetyseveral people invest in real estate


  2. Collectiblesall belongings go to spouse


  3. compounding interestgrain, livestock, precious metals, etc.


  4. Riskseveral people invest in real estate


  5. Home Equityamount of money that an insurance company will pay at definite intervals to a person who has previously deposited money with company.