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  1. Formula for rate of return
  2. Broker
  3. Mortgage
  4. Bull Market
  5. Price/Earnings Ratio
  1. a go between for buyers and sellers of securities
  2. b optimistic stock market
  3. c price of one share of stock divided by the earnings per share
  4. d legal document giving lender legal claim to property
  5. e Total interest earned / original deposit

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  1. general ownership
  2. Income and growth stocks, mutual funds, real estate, convertible bonds
  3. process of spreading your assets among several different types of investments to lesson risk
  4. issued by federal government
  5. ease with which an investment can be changed into cash

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  1. Coupon Rategeneral ownership


  2. Savings Accountmoney put aside for future use


  3. Holographic Willhandwritten will


  4. Preferred Stockpriority over common stocks, no voting rights


  5. Pensionamount of money that an insurance company will pay at definite intervals to a person who has previously deposited money with company.