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  1. Four types of growth investments
  2. Liquidity
  3. Total Return
  4. Municipal Bond
  5. Real Estate
  1. a land and anything attached
  2. b ease with which an investment can be changed into cash without losing any of its value
  3. c calculation of everything earned on an investment
  4. d Income and growth stocks, mutual funds, real estate, convertible bonds
  5. e issued by local/state government

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  1. Earning interest on interest
  2. small group of people who invest money.
  3. proof of ownership
  4. profit from sale of asset
  5. investment company that invests other peoples money

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  1. Dividendspart of profits


  2. Stockchance of loss


  3. Collectiblesitems of personal interest to collectors.


  4. Pensionseveral people invest in real estate


  5. Brokershare of ownership


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