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  1. Yield
  2. Municipal Bond
  3. Formal Will
  4. Investment Funds
  5. Real Estate
  1. a small group of people who invest money.
  2. b issued by local/state government
  3. c rate of return
  4. d land and anything attached
  5. e attorney prepared will

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  1. Cash, savings, money market, certificates of deposits, government bonds, retirement accounts
  2. chance of loss
  3. total interest earned divided by original deposit
  4. grain, livestock, precious metals, etc.
  5. optimistic stock market

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  1. Home Equityamount of money that an insurance company will pay at definite intervals to a person who has previously deposited money with company.


  2. Price/Earnings Ratioprice of one share of stock divided by the earnings per share


  3. Common Stockgrain, livestock, precious metals, etc.


  4. Mutual Fundsissued by local/state government


  5. Corporate Bondissued by federal government