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Which empire destroyed the first temple of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E.?


Only Reform Judaism allows women to become Rabbis


The USA has more Jews than any other single country


Which of the following is not true about the Jewish expectations concerning the Messiah?

He will be a great spiritual teacher, a divine being, a savior redeeming humanity from sin


Jews absorbing themselves into the larger culture


Jews living outside the land of Israel, dispersed throughout the world


Jewish religious law


Jewish mysticism


unlevened bread eaten during Passover


good deeds, observing the commandments


the ritual meal for the observance of Passover

Tikkun Olam

"Repairing the World"


charity, righteousness


the book of splendor - a mystical interpretation of Torah

Jews do not believe in original sin


Which of the following modern branches of Judaism is the most observant of Jewish law?


The Jewish ceremony known as Bris is...

the birth ceremony of circumcision

Where is the "Promised Land"?


The Jewish holy day when sins are confessed communally, forgiveness is asked and prayers are offered for reconciliation with God

Yom Kippur

19th century BCE

Abraham lives

13th century BCE

Moses leads Hebrews on Exodus from slavery in Egypt

586 - 538 BCE

Babylonian Exile

70 CE

Romans destroy the second temple

135 CE

Romans expel Jews from the Holy Land

2nd - 7th century CE

Rabbinic period when the Oral Law is written down as Talmud


Jews expelled from Spain

18th century CE

Development of Hasidism

19th century CE

Development of Reform Judaism


Modern state of Israel established

Which group of ancient Jews was focused on Temple rites performed by Priests?


The majority of Jews today live in Israel



Rededication of the Temple in 165 BCE following victory over the Greeks


Exodus from Egypt around 1290 BCE


Thwarting of an ancient Persian plot to destroy the Jews


Receiving Torah from God on Sinai

Yom HaShoah

Remembrance of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust

Which number comes closest to the approximate Jewish population in the world today?

15 million

The term "covenant" means...


The Hebrew Bible is the same thing as the Old Testament


_____ built the first Temple of Jerusalem.


Who of the following was not one of the "Patriarchs" of the Jewish religion?


Which of the following is not part of the Hebrew Bible?

The New Testament

__________ led the Israelites out of slavery in ancient Egypt and received the Torah on Mt. Sinai.


Which of the following does not refer to the Jewish people?


Which of the following is not true of the Talmud?

It is the mystical text of Judaism

Which of the following statements is not true about the Torah?

It was destroyed with the Temple in the year 70 CE

The Jewish Sabbath begins at...

sundown Friday

Only Rabbis can read from the Torah


The name Israel originates in the Biblical story wherein God renamed Jacob


The Jewish ceremony known as Bar Mitzvah is..

a coming of age ceremony

The High Holidays refers to the eight days of Passover


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