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  1. loc, log, loqu
  2. tact, tang, tag, tig
  3. grat
  4. graph, gram
  5. uni, mono
  1. a touch: contact, intact, tag
  2. b one: unicycle, unity, uniform, monotone, monopoly, monotone
  3. c please: grateful, ingrate, gratuity
  4. d write, writing: autograph, telegram, calligraphy
  5. e speak, talk: dialogue, epilog, eulogy

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  1. eat: carnivore, herbivore, voracious
  2. cry out: exclaim, proclaim, clamor
  3. same, self: autobiography, autograph automatic
  4. go, seperate, withdraw: access, proceed, success
  5. law: legal, legislate, illegitimate4

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  1. tort, torsguest, host: hospice, hospital, hostess


  2. non, novnine: November, nonagon, nonagenarian


  3. a, anhand: manufacture, manage, manicure


  4. clud, cluscut: scissors, decide, homicide


  5. sept, septemseven: September, septennial


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