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  1. photo
  2. doc
  3. gen
  4. ven, vent
  5. loc
  1. a light: photograph, telephone, photosyntesis
  2. b teach: doctrinbe, doctor, indoctrinate
  3. c come: advent, event, venture
  4. d origin, birth: genesis, congenital, generate
  5. e place: local, locate, locomotive

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  1. people: democracy, demolition, pandemic
  2. great: magnify, magnanimous, magnate
  3. make: effect, infect, benefactor
  4. go, seperate, withdraw: access, proceed, success
  5. good, well: benefactor, benefit, benediction

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  1. mando, act: agenda, agitate, agile


  2. voreat: carnivore, herbivore, voracious


  3. vit, vivcome: advent, event, venture


  4. finend: affinity, define, finish, infinity


  5. fer, gestbear, carry: csuggest, congestion, infer