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  1. gen
  2. cid, cis
  3. hosp, host
  4. multi, poly
  5. sept, septem
  1. a guest, host: hospice, hospital, hostess
  2. b cut: scissors, decide, homicide
  3. c many: multiply, multimedia, polygon
  4. d origin, birth: genesis, congenital, generate
  5. e seven: September, septennial

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  1. stretch: attention, tension, extend
  2. new: neonatal, neophyte, neoclassical
  3. light: photograph, telephone, photosyntesis
  4. all: omnibus, omnivore, omnipotent, pandemic, panacea, Pangea
  5. law, justice: judge, judicious, perjury

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  1. uni, monoone: unicycle, unity, uniform, monotone, monopoly, monotone


  2. benegood, well: benefactor, benefit, benediction


  3. phon, phonosound: telephone, phonic, megaphone


  4. telegood, well: benefactor, benefit, benediction


  5. perithrough: perceive, perennial, permeate, persist