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  1. non, nov
  2. dem, demo
  3. fect, fic, fac
  4. mal, male
  5. nat, nasc
  1. a make: effect, infect, benefactor
  2. b people: democracy, demolition, pandemic
  3. c birth: native, national, naturalize
  4. d bad: malefactor, malevolant, malnutrition
  5. e nine: November, nonagon, nonagenarian

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  1. whole: holocaust, hologram ,holistic
  2. cut: scissors, decide, homicide
  3. new: neonatal, neophyte, neoclassical
  4. ten: December, decade, decimeter, decimal, decagon
  5. move: mobile, motivate, move

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  1. phon, phonosame: homogenous, homograph, homonym, homophone


  2. omni, panall: omnibus, omnivore, omnipotent, pandemic, panacea, Pangea


  3. greggroup, crowd: congregate, segregate, gregarious


  4. tact, tang, tag, tigtouch: contact, intact, tag


  5. hom, homosame: homogenous, homograph, homonym, homophone


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