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  1. clam, claim
  2. vit, viv
  3. omni, pan
  4. arch
  5. cor, cour, cord, card
  1. a life: vivid, vital, vitamin
  2. b rule, leader, chief: archtitect, anarchy, matriarch
  3. c all: omnibus, omnivore, omnipotent, pandemic, panacea, Pangea
  4. d heart: accord, courage, cardiac
  5. e cry out: exclaim, proclaim, clamor

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  1. nine: November, nonagon, nonagenarian
  2. cut: scissors, decide, homicide
  3. thousand: kilogram, million, millepede
  4. below, under: subway, submerge, subject, substitute
  5. bear, carry: csuggest, congestion, infer

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  1. pendhang, weigh: append, pending, suspend


  2. loclaw: legal, legislate, illegitimate4


  3. fect, fic, facmake: effect, infect, benefactor


  4. mob, mot, movmove: mobile, motivate, move


  5. a, annot: anarchy, atypical