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  1. fect, fic, fac
  2. uni, mono
  3. ven, vent
  4. inter
  5. magn, magni
  1. a come: advent, event, venture
  2. b between, among: interview, interdict, international
  3. c make: effect, infect, benefactor
  4. d one: unicycle, unity, uniform, monotone, monopoly, monotone
  5. e great: magnify, magnanimous, magnate

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  1. build: construct, structure, destruction
  2. cry out: exclaim, proclaim, clamor
  3. law: legal, legislate, illegitimate4
  4. not: anarchy, atypical
  5. far, distance: telephone, telekinetic, telemarket, television

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  1. grad, gresscut: scissors, decide, homicide


  2. scrib, scripwrite, writing: script, transcribe, prescribe


  3. kilo, millthousand: kilogram, million, millepede


  4. aghand: manufacture, manage, manicure


  5. dem, demopeople: democracy, demolition, pandemic