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  1. arch
  2. per
  3. cent, centi
  4. leg
  5. cir, circum
  1. a through: perceive, perennial, permeate, persist
  2. b around: circumference, circumvent
  3. c hundred: centipede, century
  4. d rule, leader, chief: archtitect, anarchy, matriarch
  5. e law: legal, legislate, illegitimate4

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. bear, carry: csuggest, congestion, infer
  2. tricycle, triplet, triangle, trilogy
  3. ten: December, decade, decimeter, decimal, decagon
  4. people: democracy, demolition, pandemic
  5. make: effect, infect, benefactor

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  1. mob, mot, movspeak, talk: dialogue, epilog, eulogy


  2. ced,cede, ceed, cessheart: accord, courage, cardiac


  3. dic, dictsay, declare: dictionary, predict, interdict


  4. sym, syn, co, col, com, conwith, together: symmetry, symphony, synonym, synchronize, cooperate, collaborate, company, congress


  5. telegood, well: benefactor, benefit, benediction