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  1. mor, mort
  2. oct, octa, octo
  3. cent, centi
  4. chron
  5. e, ec, ef, ex
  1. a death: morbid, immortality, mortify
  2. b eight: October, octave, octopus, octogon, octogenerian
  3. c hundred: centipede, century
  4. d time: chronicle, chronological, anachronism
  5. e out of, outside: eject, exhale, exempt, eclipse

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  1. same, self: autobiography, autograph automatic
  2. beside, beyond: paraprofessional, parallel, parable, paragraph, paranoid
  3. shut: conclusion, seclude, include
  4. end: affinity, define, finish, infinity
  5. touch: contact, intact, tag

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  1. pli, ply, plexlaw, justice: judge, judicious, perjury


  2. graph, grammove forward, step: congress, egress, graduate


  3. spec, spic, spocsee, look: spectator, prospect, telescope


  4. vit, vivlife: vivid, vital, vitamin


  5. mensend: affinity, define, finish, infinity