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  1. fer, gest
  2. luc, lum, lus, lun
  3. pater, part
  4. clam, claim
  5. kilo, mill
  1. a cry out: exclaim, proclaim, clamor
  2. b light: illuminate, lumen, lustrous
  3. c bear, carry: csuggest, congestion, infer
  4. d father: paternal, patriot, patron
  5. e thousand: kilogram, million, millepede

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  1. move forward, step: congress, egress, graduate
  2. tricycle, triplet, triangle, trilogy
  3. touch: contact, intact, tag
  4. far, distance: telephone, telekinetic, telemarket, television
  5. guest, host: hospice, hospital, hostess

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  1. scrib, scripcut: scissors, decide, homicide


  2. gregask, seek: derogatory, interrogate, perogative


  3. ped, podcut: scissors, decide, homicide


  4. multi, polyone: unicycle, unity, uniform, monotone, monopoly, monotone


  5. hemi, semihemisphere, semicircle, semiannual, semicolon