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  1. sym, syn, co, col, com, con
  2. man
  3. doc
  4. dem, demo
  5. magn, magni
  1. a great: magnify, magnanimous, magnate
  2. b people: democracy, demolition, pandemic
  3. c teach: doctrinbe, doctor, indoctrinate
  4. d with, together: symmetry, symphony, synonym, synchronize, cooperate, collaborate, company, congress
  5. e hand: manufacture, manage, manicure

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  1. light: illuminate, lumen, lustrous
  2. two: bicycle, biceps, dual, duet
  3. end: affinity, define, finish, infinity
  4. six: hexapod, heapod, sexagenarian
  5. come: advent, event, venture

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  1. jectgood, well: benefactor, benefit, benediction


  2. e, ec, ef, exout of, outside: eject, exhale, exempt, eclipse


  3. photothrow: conjecture, eject, reject


  4. telethrough: perceive, perennial, permeate, persist


  5. pli, ply, plexfold: imply, multiply, reply