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  1. per
  2. ced,cede, ceed, cess
  3. non, nov
  4. stru, struct
  5. cid, cis
  1. a go, seperate, withdraw: access, proceed, success
  2. b nine: November, nonagon, nonagenarian
  3. c cut: scissors, decide, homicide
  4. d build: construct, structure, destruction
  5. e through: perceive, perennial, permeate, persist

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  1. with, together: symmetry, symphony, synonym, synchronize, cooperate, collaborate, company, congress
  2. good, well: benefactor, benefit, benediction
  3. teach: doctrinbe, doctor, indoctrinate
  4. touch: contact, intact, tag
  5. hand: manufacture, manage, manicure

5 True/False questions

  1. periaround: perimeter, peripheral, periodontal


  2. mob, mot, movmove: mobile, motivate, move


  3. internew: neonatal, neophyte, neoclassical


  4. dec, deci, decaten: December, decade, decimeter, decimal, decagon


  5. a, annot: anarchy, atypical