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How many member are in the House of Representatives?
There are 435 member in total
What does Bicameral mean?
It means two chambers
How long can you serve as a House of Representatives?
House of Representatives serve tow years term: more responsive to the masses
What are the requirements to be a House of Representatives?
- must be 25 years old
- citizens of the United States for seven years
- legal residents of their States
What are the two Bicameral chambers?
- conflict between target and small States
- check on each other powers and activity
What does Legislation mean?
It means someone who makes laws
In order to win election for the House of Representatives, what are the two quite different sets of qualification to win offices?
first is the formal qualification for membership in the House set out in the constitution and a number of informal qualification imposed by the realities of politics
How many senators is required for each states?
Each States can only have two senators
How long can a senators serve?
A senators serve up to six years term
What are the requirements for a States senators?
- must be 30 years old
- citizen for 9 years
- legal resident of the states
What is an Incumbent?
Is the person who currently holds the office almost always helps
How many member are in the United States Senate?
There are a total of 100 members
How is a Senate elected?
Senators are picked by the voters in each States at the regular November elections and only one senators is elected, before the popular election the State legislatures often picked well-like and qualified men to be senators
What are a States Senators suppose to do?
They are suppose to less concerned with the interests of some particular small locality and more focused on the "big picture" of national concerns
What does Incumbency means?
The current holding of the office
What are the three types of power delegated to congress?
1) many words in the consitution
2) by the constitution's silence on many matters
3) because the constitution creates a federal system
What does Sedition means?
attempt to overthrow the government by force
How are the seats in the House of Representatives apportioned?
Seats in the House of Representatives shall be apportioned (distribute) among the States on the basic of their respective populations
What's the different between the size of the Senate to the size of the House of Representatives?
The Senate have 100 members which represent the 50 States as for the House of Representative has 435 members, reason why the Senate is s,alley is because the Framers hoped that the s,alley Senate would be smaller Senate would be a more enlightened and responsible body then the House
How and why is a Senator's term different from a representatives's term?
many thought that the House would be too often swayed by the immediate impact of events and by the passions of the moment, mostly because of the short term of office for members of the lower chamber. They reinforced that hope by giving senators a longer term of office and by setting the qualifications for membership in the senators a longer term of the office and by setting the qualifications for membership in the Senate a cut above those they set for the House.
Why is the Senate called a continuous body?
Reason why is because it's seats are never up for election at the same time
Who receive more public attention Senators of the House? Why?
Senators because they are the one who have presidential ambitions are better able to capture national media attention
Who has more power Senators or the House of Representative? How?
Senators because they are more likely to be cover by the media in their States and they tend to have more clout in their State's politics than that enjoyed by members of the House of Representatives
What was the Senate original member?
The Senate had only 22 members when it held it's first session in march of 1789 and 26 members by the end of the 1st congress in 1791
Has a Senate sever in the House of Representative before?
About a third of the present members of the Senate once served in the House of Representative and none of the current members of the House has ever served in the Senate
How many Senators and House of the Representative represent each States?
Each one of the 100 members of the upper house represents an entire States that some thing can be said of only a few members of the lower House the seven representatives from those States with only one seat in the House
How many members from the Senate has been expelled?
Fifteen members of the Senate have been expelled by that body one in 1797 and 14 during the civil war
How many members from the house of Representatives has been expelled?
over more then 200 years the House has explode only five members
What are the house punishment?
The House has not often punished a member for "Disorderly Behavior" but such actions are not nearly so rare as expulsions
What can affect the House of Representatives members?
The House may refuse to seat a member elect by majority vote and also "push it's members for Disorderly Behavior" by majority vote and with the concurrence of two thirds expel a member