11 terms

Chapter 14

The Crusades
several relgious wars launched by the Christians
Pope Urban II
pope that called bishops to a council in France and encouraged Christians to fight against the Muslims
Muslim general who recaptured Jerusalem and won the 3rd Crusade against Richard the Lion-Hearted
Richard the Lion hearted
Lost the 3rd Crusade to Saladin
beliefs contrary to the official teaching
special courts that fought heresy
members of Dominic and Francis's orders that focused on teaching and preaching
Hundred Years War
war fought from 1337-1453 between England and France when Edward III invaded France after he lost the title of king to Phillip VI
Joan of Arc
pesant girl sent by God to go lead the French to win the War of the Roses
King Henry VII
Member of the Tudor family who was chosen to become the new king of Enlgand who ended the War of the Roses
Black Death
Plague that broke out in Europe in the mid 1300's that killled 1/3 of Europe's population. Symptoms of this disease included black splotching on the skin