billy mitchell

2nd milestone in civil air patrol
What is the Air Force definition of Leaderhip?
The art and science of influencing and directing people to accomplish the assigned mission.
What is critical thinking?
self guided, self disciplined thinking which attemps to reason at the highest level of quality at a fair minded way.
what do critical tinkers value?
reason and they work hard to avoid letting their own prejudices, assumptions, or emotions cloud their thinking.
becoming a critical thinker is more of a?
journey thana destination.
what are the seven universal intellectual standards?
1)clarity 2) accuracy 3)precision 4)relevance 5) breadth 6) depth 7)logic
what are the eight elements of thought?
1) has a purpose 2)attempt to figure something out 3)based on assumptionsor belifs you take for granted 4)has a point of view 5)based on data 6) expressed through and shaped by concepts and data. 7)contains inferences in which we draw conclusions 8) leads somewhere and has consequences