History 201 Final 2

Final 2 Chapter 14 P1
President Johnson's Reconstruction plan included all of the following proposals EXCEPT:
The extension of voting rights to all black males, 21 or older, in the South.
Passed by Congress in 1875, it required state governments to provide equal access in public facilities such as schools and to allow African Americans to serve on juries. In 1883 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional
Civil Rights Act of 1875
Laws designed by the ex-Confederate states to sharply limit the civil and economic rights of freedmen and create an exploitable workforce
Black Codes
Campaign of violence and intimidation waged by armed groups of whites closely allied with the Democratic Party that drove Republicans from power in the southern state elections of 1874
Mississippi Plan
What appeared to be most important to President Lincoln in his vision for Reconstruction?
the reunification and healing of North and South
The grandfather clause guaranteed enfranchisement to
any man whose grandfather was eligible to vote before 1867
During Reconstruction, the Freedmen's Bureau was able to
greatly increase the number of literate freedmen
Which statement best describes the outcome of the Compromise of 1877?
The South gave up the presidency in exchange for more regional autonomy
What was the intent of many Northerners who settled in the South during Reconstruction?
They wanted to create a better life for themselves and settle there permanently
The House of Representatives voted to impeach President Johnson because
he removed the Secretary of War without their approval
On the Sea Islands in the early 1860s, former slaves seemed to aspire to lives as
independent farmers
The Wade-Davis Bill was rendered ineffective when
President Lincoln pocket vetoed the bill
What combination of factors accounted for the ultimate abandonment of Reconstruction?
weak presidential leadership, the waning engagement of Northerners, and the violence and legal machinations of white Southerners
Special Field Order No. 15 provided
land to freedmen
Andrew Johnson was selected as President Lincoln's running mate in the 1864 presidential election in order to appeal to
Southern unionists
All of the following statements about sharecropping are true EXCEPT that
tenant farmers independently selected the crops that they wanted to cultivate
President Grant was re-elected in the 1872 presidential election despite
the scandals that shook his administration
President Johnson's plan for Reconstruction was
lenient and designed to restore the Union quickly
Which statement would most likely have been said by a Radical Republican in 1865?
"The former Confederate states should be punished for secession and slavery."
Which of the following best describes President Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction?
Pardon would be granted to all Southerners who took an oath to the Union