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a group of ready-made shapes that include lines, connectors, basic shapes, arrows, flowchart symbols, stars and banners, and callouts


space where a row and a column intersect in a table


a graphical display of information

clip art

images that can be inserted into a document


two or more vertical sections on a page

column break

separation of text from one column to the top of the next column

data sheet

a table that stores information shown in a chart


a graphic that represents or illustrates information


a visual element created using tools such as WordArt, AutoShapes, scanners, and digital cameras

sizing handle

points on a small square around a selected object that can be dragged to change the object's size


a set of rows and columns used to organize information

text box

a movable, resizable rectangle that contains text


text graphic that can be stretched, shadowed, and shaped

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