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NOT: all of these

Which of the following did Howard Rheingold, in his book Smart Mobs, suggest precipitated collective behavior?

NOT: all of these

Which one of the following is an example of a new social movement?

public opinion

Which term refers to expressions of attitudes on matters of public policy that are communicated to decision makers?

NOT: kept in control by official agents of social control, chaotic and disorganized.

Sociologists have observed that during riots, participants are:

writes to his or her senator and tells the representative to vote for an important environmental protection bill that is being discussed.

Which of the following is an example of "public opinion" as used by sociologists? An individual:


Fads often have wider implications than fashions because they can reflect (or falsely give the impression of) wealth and status.

unstructured and spontaneous.

Collective behavior is usually:

recurring, relatively routine gatherings of people.

Periodic assemblies are defined as:

interactionist perspective

Which sociological perspective would likely be interested in the labels attached to activists associated with a social movements such as a feminist student referred to as a "bra burner"?

NOT: all of these

Which of the following would illustrate the emergent-norm perspective?

assembling perspective

Which view of collective behavior sought to examine how and why people move from different points in space to a common location?

Tamotsu Shibutani

Which sociologist suggests as a group strives for consensus, members eliminate those rumors that are least useful or credible, in something akin to the 'survival of the fittest,' or strongest rumor?


The movement for disability rights was initiated in the:

NOT: likely to behave in an individualist fashion that ignores others.

People who engage in panics or crazes are:

NOT: plublics

The weekly meetings of the senior partners of an accounting firm would be considered as:


The emergent-norm perspective suggests that conforming behavior can be evident even in the midst of rather chaotic crowds.

new social movements.

Organized collective activities that address values and social identities as well as improvements in the quality of life are called:

The emergent-norm perspective is more effective than the value-added approach in analyzing the behavior of publics.

Which of the following statements is true?

NOT: sporadic fights breaking out while fans become restless at a basketball game, fans sitting in an arena and cheering for a National Hockey League team

Which of the following is an example of collective behavior?

generalized belief.

Neil Smelser refers to a shared view of reality that redefines social action and serves to guide behavior as a (an):


Critics of the relative deprivation approach have noted that an increase in feelings of deprivation is not always necessary before people are moved to act.

generalized belief and structural strain.

The value-added perspective has been criticized for its lack of specificity in defining:

always feature a certain amount of acceptance by society, in general, and have a line of historical continuity.

Fads and fashions:


Which term refers to a sudden or disruptive event or set of events that overtaxes a community's resources so that outside aid is necessary?

Social movements

Which term is used by sociologists to refer to organized collective activities aimed at bringing about fundamental changes in existing society?

NOT: National Organization of Women

Which of the following new social movements has the capacity to transform its international cause over the Internet?

NOT: epidemiological perspective

Which sociological perspective would most likely focus on the power of political lobbies, such as the American Medical Association, in manipulating the force of public opinion?

NOT: During a natural disaster, the members of a community establish a set of new rules and social positions that help them get through the crisis.

Which of the following would most likely illustrate the value-added perspective?

NOT: the people in the United States who are opposed to capital punishment

Which of the following would be considered a "crowd" by sociologists?

NOT: generalized belief

Which element of collective behavior does Neil Smelser suggest must be present to indicate that the organization of society can facilitate the emergence of conflicting interests and increase the likelihood of collective behavior occurring?


A fearful arousal or collective flight based on a generalized belief that may or may not be accurate is called a:

Anthony Oberschall

Which sociologist argued that in order to sustain social protest or resistance, there must be an "organizational base and continuity of leadership" (resource mobilization theory)?

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