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Buddhism and Hinduism


a Buddhist deity who refrains from entering nirvana to help others


a fully enlightened being being, Siddhartha is the most famous one


a rock cut Buddhist shrine in basilican form with a stupa at the endpoint


a symbolic hand gesture in Hindu and Buddhist art


an afterlife in which reincarnation ends and the soul becomes one with the supreme spirit


the Hindu god of creation and destruction


a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine


a gateway near a stupa that has two upright posts and three horizontal lintels


a circle of hair on the brows of a buddha figure


a protrusion at the top of the head or the top knot of a Buddha


a Buddhist or Hindu monastery or temple in Cambodia


female figure of fertility in Buddhist and Hindu art


a symbol of buddha's royalty


a symbol of Buddha's law


a symbol of Buddha's pure nature

Columns surrounded by a wheel

a symbol of Buddha's teaching

empty throne

a symbol of Buddha or his presence


a lower base beneath statues of Buddha which can include donar figures or a scene from the life of the buddha

Lion Capital from Sarnath

Buddhist sculpture

Great Stupa of Sanchi

Buddhist architecture

Buddha Preaching the First Sermon at Sarnath

Buddhist sculpture

Shiva Nataraja

Hindu Sculpture

Angkor Wat

Hindu architecture

Hindu painting composition

crowded and colorful

Hindu painting perspective

tilted up to see the entire object

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