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  1. Arrange the following in correct time order: (A) the restoration of the English monarchy, (B) the Puritans' Great Migration, (C) the founding of Jamestown, (D) the Protestant Reformation.
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. Horace Mann
  4. Camp David Accords
  5. Noah Webster
  1. a stated the United States was destined to spanthe breadth of the entire continent with as much land as possible,advocated by Polk
  2. b A peace treaty between Israel and Egypt where Egypt agreed to recognize the nation state of Israel
  3. c American writer who wrote textbooks to help the advancement of education. He also wrote a dictionary which helped standardize the American language.
  4. d worked to reform the American education system,abolitionist, prison/asylum reform with Dorothea Dix
  5. e D, C, B, A

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  1. idealized view of women & home; women, self-less caregiver for children, refuge for husbands
  2. application of the colony's laws to those in possession of saving grace
  3. Military operations that started on January 16, 1991, with a bombing campaign, followed by a ground invasion of February 23 and 24, 1991. The ground war lasted 100 hours and resulted in a spectacularly one-sided military victory for the Coalition.
  4. entertainment products powered by computer chips and displayed on monitors that require users to experience and interact with challenges in a series of tasks. A new form of entertainment that replaced telivision, radio, and playing outside. Debate rages if this is the cause for violent children
  5. that group of quiet honest hard-working middle class Americans who do their job, respect their country and support gov.; Nixon wants their votes in 1968 and 1972

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  1. hip hop movementThe successor to the Mormons after the death of Joseph Smith. He was responsible for the survival of the sect and its establishment in Utah, thereby populating the would-be state.


  2. The Great Awakeningright to a speedy and public trial. right to a fair jury. right to know what you are being accused of. right to see/hear witnesses against you. right to have a witness to help defend you. right to a lawyer.


  3. The seventeenth-century English colonieshad few common traits other than their loyalty to the monarch.


  4. Second Continental CongressThey organized the continental Army, called on the colonies to send troops, selected George Washington to lead the army, and appointed the comittee to draft the Declaration of Independence


  5. William Clark27th president of the U.S.; he angered progressives by moving cautiously toward reforms and by supporting the Payne-Aldrich Tariff; he lost Roosevelt's support and was defeated for a second term.