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  1. 24th Amendment
  2. Hippies
  3. Bill Cosby
  4. Karl Marx
  5. French and Indian War
  1. a In 1965 he was the first black to have a starring role in a continuing network television dramatic series.
  2. b French threat at the borders was nolonger present, therefore the colonies didn't need English protection; more independent stand against Britai
  3. c founder of modern communism
  4. d Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1964) eliminated the poll tax as a prerequisite to vote in national elections.
  5. e believed in anti-materalism, free use of drugs, they had a casual attitude toward sex and anti-conformity, (1960s) practiced free love and took drugs, flocked to San Francisco- low rent/interracial, they lived in communal "crash pads", smoked marijuana and took LSD, sexual revolution, new counter culture, Protestors who influenced US involvement in Vietnam

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  1. agreement between US and Britain toremove armed fleets from the Great Lakes
  2. A name for President Monroe's two terms, a period of strong nationalism, economic growth, and territorial expansion. Since the Federalist party dissolved after the War of 1812, there was only one political party and no partisan conflicts.
  3. the ethnic and religious diversity in their populations
  4. organized and controlled resistance againstParliamentary acts in less violent ways (strength of martyrdom),advocated nonimportation
  5. President, 1981-1989, who led a conservative movement against d├ętente with the Soviet Union and the growth of the federal government; some people credit him with America's victory in the Cold War while others fault his insensitive social agenda and irresponsible fiscal policies.

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  1. n New England families it was usual thatchildren were held to strict obedience


  2. Fair DealTruman's extension of the New Deal that increased min wage, expanded Social Security, and constructed low-income housing


  3. Pancho VillaFederal program established to send volunteers to help developing nations


  4. Boss TweedA political boss who carried corruption to new extremes, and cheated the city out of more than $100 million


  5. Charles LindberghUnited States aviator who in 1927 made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.