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Ch. 8: Congress (Barron's)

Baker vs. Carr
Established the one man, one vote principle; created guidelines for drawing up congressional districts & guaranteed a more equitable system of representation to he citizens of each state.
Process in which it takes 60 senators to cut off a filibuster that is aimed at protecting minority interest
Conference Committees
Consisting of senators & representatives that meets to resolve differences in legislation
Congressional Oversight
Power used by Congress to gather information useful for the formation of legislation, review the operations and budgets of executive departments & independent regulatory agencies, conduct investigations through committee hearings.
Person living in district of an elected official
Pet projects added to appropriations bills by congressmen called "wasteful spending" & "Pork barrel legislation" by critics.
Tactic used in the Senate whereby a vote on legislation can be delayed through debate
Privilege enjoyed by members of Congress entitling them to free postage for any mailings made as part of their official duties
State legislators, based on political affiliation created congressional districts, many of which are oddly shaped and favor the political party in power in the state making the change
Imperial Congress
Describes a Congress that succeeds in establishing itself as dominant in legislative and foreign policy
Elected officials who are running for new terms of office
Joint Committee
Congressional committee made up of members of both political parties from the Senate and the House
Tactic used in Congress that s best illustrated by one legislative saying to another "I'll vote for your legislation if you vote for mine."
Majority Leader
Persons selected by the political party holding a majority of the seats in the House and Senate
Minority Leader
Persons selected by the political party holding a minority of the seats in the House and Senate
Pork Barrel
Practice of legislators obtaining funds through legislation that favors their home districts
President Pro Tempore
Temporary President officer of Senate
Process in which a state legislature redraw congressional districts based on population increase or declines
Regulatory Policy
Results in Government control over individuals and businesses
Select Committees
Specially created congressional committees that conduct special investigations
Speaker of the House
Representative from the majority party in the House of Representatives who sets the House agenda, presides over the House meetings, recognizes speakers, refers bills to committees, answers procedural questions, and declares the outcome of voters
Standing Committees
Committees that deal with proposed bills and also act in an oversight function. They are permanent, existing forms of Congress to the next, such as the House Ways and Means, and Senate Appropriations
aka, Assistant Floor Leaders, they check with party members and inform the majority leader of the statues and feelings of the membership regarding issues that are going to be voted on. _____ are responsible for keeping party members in line and having an accurate count of who will be voting for or against a particular bill.