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Reproductive disorders in the male

testicular cancer
acute and chronic prostatitis
cancer of the prostate

When the testis do not descend into the scrotum (it stays in the abdomen where they developed)- if left in the pelvic cavity, they'd develop cancer


What starts in spermatogonia (sperm producing cells), and is easily fixed by taking out testis

Testicular cancer

What is inflammation of the prostate gland (sudden or chronic)

Acute and chronic prostatitis

When the prostate gets enlarged and cuts off the flow of urine through urethra.

Benign prostatic hypertrophy

The most common form of cancer in males is

prostate cancer

Reproductive disorders in the female

premenstrual syndrome
breast cancer
ovarian cancer
cervical cancer

Days before the menstrual cycle there are physical issues due to ups and downs of the hormones (headaches, emotional problems, etc). This is known as

Premenstrual syndrome

The growth of the endometrium outside the uterus, can wrap around organs and cause issues (can't get pregnant)


What is most common cancer in females

Breast cancer

What cancer often not diagnosed until later stages since it gives symptoms of digestive disorders. (not as common)

Ovarian cancer

What cancer easily diagnosed, recommend pap smear to test for this

Cervical cancer

Canada fungus- vaginal infections (yeast infection) is known as


What are the sexually transmitted diseases

genital warts
genital herpes

What sexually transmitted diseases are caused by bacteria


What sexually transmitted diseases are caused by viruses

Genital warts
Genital herpes

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