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French - Irregular French Verbs


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To Take
To Drink
To Go
Je vais
I go.
Tu vas
You (s) go.
Il va
He goes.
Nous allons.
We go.
Vous allez
You (pl) go.
Ils vont
They go.
To see
Je vois
I see.
Tu vois
you (s) see.
Il voit.
He sees.
Nous voyons.
We see.
Vous voyez.
You see
Ils voient.
They see.
To have
I have
Tu as
You have
Il a
He has
Nous avons
We have
Vous Avez
You (pl) have
Ils ont
They have
to be
Je suis
I am
Tu es
You are
Il est
He is
Nous sommes
We are
Vous etes
You (pl) are
Ils sont
They are
To do
Je fais
I do
Tu fais
You make
Il fait
He makes
Nous faisons.
We make.
Vous faites.
You (pl) do.
Ils font.
They do.
To be able to
Je peux
I am able to/I can
Tu peux
You are able to / you can
Il peut
He are able to/He can
Nous pouvons
We are able to/We can
Vous pouvez
You are able to / You can
Ils peuvent
They are able to / They can
To know (knowledge)
Je sais
I know
Tu sais
You know
Il sait
He knows
Nous savons
We know
Vous savez
You know (pl)
Ils savent
They know
To want to
Je veux
I want
Tu veux
You want
Il veut
He wants
Nous voulons
We want
Vous voulez
You (pl) want
Ils veulent.
They want.
To take
Je prends
I take
Tu prends
You take.
Il prend.
He takes.
Nous prenons.
We take.
Vous prenez.
You take.
Ils prennent.
They take.
to understand
to learn
to take again; to have more
to know; be familiar with
to have to; must
to put; to place
to clean
to come
to leave; to depart
to go out
to sleep
je dois
I must; I have to
tu dois
you must; you have to
elle doit
she must; she has to
nous devons
we must; we have to
vous devez
you must; you have to
ils doivent
they must; they have to
je mets
I put; I place
tu mets
you put; you place
elle met
she puts; she places
nous mettons
we put; we place
vous mettez
you put; you place
ils mettent
they put; they place
je bois
I drink
tu bois
you drink
elle boit
she drinks
nous buvons
we drink
vous buvez
you drink
ils buvent
they drink
je connais
I know
tu connais
you know
il connâit
he knows
nous connaissons
we know
vous connaissez
you know
elles connaissent
they know
je nettoie
I clean
tu nettoies
you clean
il nettoie
he cleans
nous nettoyons
we clean
vous nettoyez
you clean
ils nettoient
they clean
je viens
I am coming
tu viens
you are coming
elle vient
she is coming
nous venons
we are coming
vous venez
you are coming
ils viennent
they are coming
je sors
I go out
tu sors
you go out
elle sort
she goes out
nous partons
we leave
vous partez
you leave
elles partent
they leave