90 terms


Two main types of behavioral learning
classical and operant conditioning
The initial learning stage in classical conditioning in which the neutral stimulus is repeatedly paired with the unconditioned stimulus is known as
judy has cancer, doesn't like the food she ate, thru the process of.. the food is a ..
aversive conditioning / conditioned stimulus
memory is an ... system
Three memory stages in order are...
Sensory, working, long term
What is true about working memory
it is the second stage of memory
the sensory for vision... memory and hearing sensory is ,,,,
iconic / echoic
Working memory is in your head for how long
30 seconds
A ..... is any pattern of meaningful unit of info
saying the words eggs, cookies, bread, tortillas over and over in your head is the process of..
maintenance rehersal
instead of saying foxhowlswantbug he says fox howls want bug, instead of 15 letters hes doing a process of
instead of 1-800-9383 bob makes his number 1800-lamp. this is called
elaborative rehersal
things that vary from culture to culture about public emotion
display rules
expresssions are ..... rather then ......
innate / learned
two hemispheres of brain induce different emotions term
lateralization of emotion
part of brain that influences fear
sympathitic nervous system prepares for what
dealing with dangerous situations
seretonin is responsible for what emotion
James-lange theory of emotion suggests that..
our physical state can influence can influence our emotions
sequence of events in emotional response according to the cannon-bard theory?
stimulus --> emotion AND physiological changes (simultaneous)
stanley schachters heory of emotion proposes that emotion results when...
you cognitively label the arousal and giv it emotional meaning
a state of tension created by biological states of interrupted balance is called a
define psychology
the scientific study of the behavior of individuals and their mental processes
which kind of psychologists create new psychological knowledge
experimental psychologists
what kind of psychologist tries to increase workplace productivity
industrial/organizational psychologist
Dr. Jones is an industrial/organizational psychologist, most likely to do what
help companies develop questions to ask job candidates
what kind of psychologist most likely helps people get over depression?
clinical psychologist
psychiatry and psychological differ how
a medical specialty
Jenna wants to learn whether men or women are better drivers, by getting accident statistics, the number of accidents are what?
the operational definition of driving ability
Jenna wants to learn whether men or women are better drivers, by getting accident statistics, the difference between male and female are what?
the independent variable
computer aided learning depepndent variable
test scores
independent variables are always
controlled by the researcher
someone who is exposed to the treatment is the ,,, condition
understand the difference between dependent and independent variable
correlation does not mean
This letter symbolizes correlation coefficient/ what it represents / ranges
r / strength of the relationship between the two variables / -1.00 - +1.00
A .... is the basic building block of the nervous system
..... is another name for the neuron cell body
What of the following is NOT true about the dendrite
it connects directly to other axons
Nerual signals travel along a neuron in what order

dendrite, soma, axon, terminal button
schizophrenia is thought to occur when theres an overactivity of what
Disturbances of the neurotransmitter ..... can produce memory problems
multiple sclorosis happens when...
mylein sheath deteriorates
two major subsystems in the nervous system is the CNS and.....
peripheral nervous system
the process involved in forming a new mental representation by manipulation available info is known as
understanding the differences between something like dogs and cats
concepts are ideas that represent
a class or category of objects
the most representative or ideal example of a category is called a
a ..... involves arranging concepts from general to specific
concept hierchy
a .... is a formula for solving a problem that is likely to be successful
what problem solving strategies dont guarantee solutions solutions but make efficient use of time
a person who persists in solving a problem in the same way every time would be said to show...
a mental set
..... refers to a situation where a person cannot consider alternate uses for a familiar object
functional fixedness
rob is preparing chicken baskini for patty when he relizes that the chicken is suppost to be pounded out, goes to get a rolling pin.. forgets he has a pounder, he never thought to use it becuase what..
functional fixedness
.... bias refers to a way of thinking that ignores or overlooks information that disagrees with peoples beliefs
After the outcome is known, people often have distorted thinking about their origional expectations due to..
hindsight bias
measuring intelligence by testing came from which country?
the purpose of the binet-simon approach was to
determine which children need remedial help
IQ is calculated as what
IQ = MA/CA * 100
what percent of the population has an intelligence quotient under 100
50 percent
the WAIC WISC and WPPSI are tests of
if your iq is below... you wouldbe classified as...
60, mentally retarded
what percent of people is described as gifted
2 percent
What causes mental retardation?
according to robert sternberg, ..... is best described as street smarts
practical intelligence
people have as many as.... mental abilities
the correct order of the three stages of human prenatal development
zygote, embryo, fetus
the most common teratogens are
nicotine and alcohol
maternal smoking causes what
the innate predisposition of some species to form attachment to a figure observed at birth is termed
........ were the subjects in harlows famous attachment studies
..... is the idea that we form attachments to those who provide reassurance through physical touch, as oposed to feeding us
contact comfort
According to the text, a key aspect of personality is its ...... quality in an individual in different situations
the modern view of temperament asserts that is is...
biologically based
the BIG 5
ellen had been described as creative, imaginative curious artistic and non-confroming. she is likely to obtain an elevated score on the questionnaire designed to measure
if sylvia is described as trustworthy,altruistic, shell score high on the big five superfactor on what
ted is friendly and loves to tell jokes he is what in the big five (2 things)
agreeableness and extraversion
who treated hysteria with hypnosis?
Jean Charcot
The Thanatos was the driving force behind what?
destructive and aggressive behaviors
..... is the field that studies human interactions and behaviors
social psychology
solomon asch is best known for his studies involving
the main task of the solomon asch studies was what?
judging line sizes
the ..... experiments were a powerful demonstration of obedience to authority
You are a contestant on Jeopardy! and it is your turn. You say to Alex, "I'll take Ancient Explanations of Mental Illness for $100." The answer is, "His was the first recorded attempt to explain abnormal behavior as due to some biological process." The smile on your face reveals the confidence you have as you say______________.
hippocrates maintained that mental illness was
caused by imbalances of vital body fluids
During the Middle Ages, authorities involved in the Inquisition viewed mental illness as due to
the devil
the etiology of a mental disorder is another term for its?
psychosis is?
a break from reality
Which of the following is NOT an Axis I disorder of the DSM-IV-TR?
personality disorders