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Of all the crimes _________ has received the most attention in the past decade.


The commission of a traditional crime (e.g. murder) with the intention of coercing a population or influencing a government through fear or intimidation is __________ .


_________ is the only crime specifically mentioned in the United States Constitution.


The crime of levying war against, or supporting the enemy of, one's nation is _________.


Terrorists intend to harm or disrupt government. The crime of terrorism is defined by its ________ nature.

foreign intelligence surveillance act

FISA is one of the most significant federal terrorism laws. The letters stand for ________ ___________ _____________ ____.


In combating terrorism the government's focus is on ___________ as much as it is on prosecution and punishment.

human smuggling

Ray pays Bob $500 to bring him illegally from Mexico into the United States. Bob is guilty of _______ ________.

trafficking in person

Bob tells Mary he can bring her illegally into America from Mexico and get her a good paying job. Once he brings her into America he forces her to work in his restaurant without pay. Bob is guilty of ___________ __ ______.

women, children

The largest groups of victims of trafficking in persons are _____ and ________.


One of the America's first immigration laws sought to end a huge influx of mostly male workers form _____.

TVPA- Trafficking Victims Protection Act

A comprehensive statue that addresses the significant problem of trafficking in person is ________________________________________.


Federal terrorism laws distinguish between domestic and __________ acts of terrorism.


The ____________ character of terrorism confounds the application of the laws of war to terrorism.


Courts normally extend great deference to the judgments of the _________ branch in matters if national security.


Because the USA PATRIOT Act and other anti-terrorism laws challenge historic notions of civil rights in the United States, considerable amount of _________ can be expected in the future.

persons, human

According to the United Nations, trafficking in ________ and _________ smuggling are some of the fastest growing areas of international criminal activity.


Sex __________ is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of commercial sex act.

department of homeland security

Most of the duties of the Immigration and Naturalization Service were incorporated into the __________________________________________.

USA patriot

The ___________________ act is a major piece of legislation passed in response to the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

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