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Largest cruise line
Americans are onboard
The FBI has the authority to investigate and prosecute crimes in international waters if
in US ports
The US Coast Guard has jurisdiction for inspection and enforcement of international safety and security standards for all ships
Drinks, shopping, excursions, spa, photography, art auctions
Extra expenses onboard most cruise ships
June 1-Nov. 30
Hurricane season for the Atlantic
"Motion discomfort" is a new term for
3-10 days
Range of a majority of cruises
Water makes up _______ of the world
Number 1 US passenger port
Most popular cruise destination
Concept of homeport cruising came out of
Cruise line that sails out of Mobile
North American residents accounted for approximately ______ percent of the industries global passengers in 2012
Fastest growing industry segment
The cruise industry as it relates to the travel industry
Professional Aunt No Kids
Baby Boomers
Born between 1946-1964 (53-71); generally best educated and healthiest generation; first generation raised w/ television; active and vigorous into later years; use Internet as much as 18-24 yr. olds; watch words: "unique" and "authentic"; top 3 destinations: Orlando, DC, NY
Generation X
Born between 1965-1976 (41-52); focus more on personal growth and quality relationships; first generation NOT likely to be better off than previous generation
Generation Y (Millennials)
Born between 1977-1994 (23-40); grew up booking travel online; value doing business w/ people they have formed a relationship with; rival Baby Boomers in size and buying power; regard time as extremely valuable; group oriented
State producing most cruise passengers
Median age for passengers cruising in 2011
P&O and Black Ball
Two main contenders for the first cruise
Class of service for immigrants
Ship torpedoed by the Germans in 1915
Ship sank by British at the end of WWII
Troop carriers
Cruise liners during the major wars were converted to
SS United States
Only US cruise ship subsidized by the government
Increase in air travel & 1st non-stop flight to Europe
Decrease of transatlantic passenger service
Cruise ships undergo ______ inspections per year
Laws of where ship is registered
Weddings at sea
Gross Registered Tons (GRT)
a measurement used on cruise ship; each one equals 100 cubic feet of enclosed revenue (earning space within ship)
Cruise Lines International Association
Operational superstructure of a ship; navigational and command center
Ship's kitchen; where food is prepared
Place where small crew prepares room service orders to be brought to cabins
Unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour
List of ship's passengers, crew, and cargo
Person licensed to navigate ships into or out of harbors or through difficult waters
Usually outside; a deck that fully or partially encircles the ship; popular for walking and jogging
Safety of Life at Sea; international rules and laws to protect passengers, ships, companies, countries, and the environment
The right side of the ship when facing forward (facing the bow)
The left side of the ship when facing forward (facing the bow)
Purser's Desk
Ships banking and accounting center, usually located in the lobby
The rear (back/aft) end of the ship
Balcony/Veranda Stateroom
Private accommodations with sliding glass doors or French doors that open from the main cabin to a private, open air step-out balcony/veranda that usually has a sitting are
Interior/Inside Stateroom
Private accommodations with no window, porthole, or balcony in the cabin
Ocean View/Outside Stateroom
Private accommodations with either a window or porthole
Promenade Stateroom
standard private stateroom accommodations for an interior stateroom plus a bowed window overlooking the atrium; only available on Royal Caribbean Voyager Class Ships
Generally the largest accommodations on the ship with or without balconies/verandas
Port Charges
Assessment which can include port taxes and local government levies that are passed on to cruise passengers and collected by the cruise lines
Cleaning and general maintenance of all cabins an interior public areas on a ship
Assistant Waiters
Staff who work in the dining room and helps the waiter with the serving and clearing of tables
Cruise Director
Person responsible for all activities and entertainment onboard the ship; usually also serves as the emcee for the evening shows and for some of the programs throughout the day
Flag State/Ship's Flag
Country in which is ship is registered; flag the ship flies
Far Foreign
When ship must stop at a non-US port during cruise itinerary of US ports
Vessel Sanitation Program
Introduced by CDC 1970s due to disease outbreaks on ships; targets gastrointestinal illnesses to protect the health of passengers & crew
Price reduction offered by travel agent from sharing a portion of his/her commission
Obstructed View
The view from the accommodation is either fully or partially obstructed (usually by lifeboats)
Italy, Norway, Greece, Britain
Recruitment or Captains from
Cruise Research Society
Promotes science/research in maritime travel and cruise tourism/management
Achille Lauro
1st time ships became concerned about security (boarded by terrorists; killed disabled American passenger)
Passengers remember this mostly about the cruise
Food costs per passenger for raw food
US Coast Guard inspects ships ______ times a year
In cash
Payment of cruise staff
Crew dining
Officer, staff, crew dining rooms
Requirements of foreign crew members
Need work visa from US State Department
Requirements of ships registered in the US
All officers must be American; 75% of crew must be American citizens
Officers that report directly to the captain
Staff captain, chief engineer, doctor, and purser
Tipping practices
$10-$15 per person per day; butler gets extra; 15% gratuity on alcohol
25% or passengers travel in a
Exclusive use of vessel for contracted period; whole or partial; expected to pay for unsold space and pay for any unused days for repositioning of ship; price based at minimum; must pay for net yield of what vessel would realize for that sailing date under its normal operations and what it would take to cover any incremental costs of lost onboard revenue
9/11 impact
Flights couldn't get out to get passengers to port; homeport cruises; 1 yr to get industry back to normal
World of ResidenSea
Largest private yatch; cruise controlled by passengers
Thomas Cook
First travel agent
Beverages (alcohol)
Most generated revenue at sea by cruise line
primary purpose of a cruise line company
Paradise from Carnival
First non-smoking cruise ship
Code of Ship Operations
Guidelines for staff & crew actions subject to discipline; Master's Rules & Regulations