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Saudi Arabia

The Kaaba is a sanctuary located in Mecca in Modern

the hijra

When Muhammad emigrated to Medina, the journey was known as

those who submit

The word "Muslim" means

submission to God's will.

The word "Islam" means

The Quran

the nature of God and the inevitability of judgment and resurrection.


drive toward spiritual and religious perfection.

The five pillars

What is the basis for the Muslim religious practice?

Greek manuscripts, hospitals, algebra

Contributions to the West attributed to Islam are

religious, political, economic, military

To what is the initial spread of Islam attributed?

Aristotle's works on logic and natural philosophy

What was one of the main contributions that facilitated the learning of the Renaissance?

strongly erotic romantic love.

Dominant themes in Islamic poetry include

intuitive, non rational dimensions of religious experience.

Sufi poetry is known for its

rhyming prose

Unique to Arabic literature was

fantasy and spicy romance.

The Thousand and One Nights has remained popular; it contains stories filled with


Of the following terms, which one is NOT part of Islamic architecture?

a forbidden pleasure

For the devout Muslim, music was

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