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  1. A hereditary condition caused by an incorrect amino acid in the amino acid sequence of a protein chain is
    A) kwashiorkor.
    B) edema.
    C) marasmus.
    D) sickle cell anemia.
  2. When protein consumption is in excess of body needs and energy needs are met, the excess amino acids are metabolized and the energy in the molecule is
    A) stored as glycogen and/or fat.
    B) stored as amino acids in the liver.
    C) excreted in the urine.
    D) stored as amino acids in muscle.
  3. What enzyme is released by the stomach to digest protein?
    A) Trypsin
    B) Lipoprotein lipase
    C) Pepsin
    D) Amylase
  4. All of the following are true of high quality protein except
    A) it can support body maintenance.
    B) it can support body growth.
    C) it provides 7 kcal/g of energy.
    D) it contains all essential amino acids.
  1. a A
  2. b C - it provides 7 kcal/g of energy
  3. c D - sickle cell anemia
  4. d C - pepsin

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  1. Denaturation
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D - acting as buffers
  5. D - 20

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  1. _______________ is an important protein that acts as a hormone. It is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas.A


  2. Proteins are digested in which areas of the body?
    A) Small and large intestines
    B) Mouth and stomach
    C) Stomach and small intestine
    D) Mouth and small intestine
    D - acting as buffers


  3. Today the best estimate for the amount of protein required for nearly all adults is _____ grams per kilogram body weight per day.
    A) 2
    B) 0.6
    C) 1.5
    D) 0.8
    D - 0.8


  4. Plant proteins do not match our needs for essential amino acids and therefore are called _______________ proteins.A


  5. All of the following are essential amino acids except
    A) lysine.
    B) methionine.
    C) threonine.
    D) alanine.
    D - alanine