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Ford Model T

an automobile that was the historic year that the automobile became popular.


the twenties cars were popular , The first legitimate car that was common among Americans (assembly line production, because there was so much demand for it)

assembly line

assembly line made the production of cars faster. cars became more popular



Thomas Edison

American Inventor of light bulb, phonograph and motion pictures.

social mobility

Movement up or down the social class ladder, movement from one social class to another


record player
turns writing on records into sound



Wright Brothers

Invented the airplane

internal combustion

internal combustion engine

Self interest

an individual's own personal gain


with other sellers one must lower cost in order to have their materials bout

price of goods


price of labor

the percentage change in the cost minimizing quantity of labor with respect to a 1 percent change in the price of labor


a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller
they can make there own prices, with no compitition (sellers )

division of labor

the type of arrangement in which each worker specializes in a particular task or job


a quantity much larger than is needed


the ability to adapt to surroundings

Cultural diffusion

The spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one person to another



cumulative development

built upon previous capabilities that act as "building blocks" for later skills. steps to be taken with learning something new

Albert Einstein

theory of relativity, quantum theory, string theory,


Einstein's theory that all aspects of the physical universe must be defined in relative terms


a force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses


smallest particle of an element

E = mc2

theory of relativity, e=energy m=mass c=speed of light,
Albert Einstein


English mathematician and physicist
developed calculus

Charles Darwin

English natural scientist who formulated a theory of evolution by natural selection (1809-1882)


the gradual change in a species over time,
change in an organism over time, process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms

Natural selection

a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment,

Scopes Trial

Charles Darwin Scope trial
- evolution over believes in higher power
- time of evangelist - upset with the decay of morals in society (people being amoral)
- defence to John was an agnostic man
- William believed in the first testament was the
- 1925 challenging Darwin's theory against the bible
- The jury found Scops guilty - but sit led to others turning sides
- Evolution


Belief that all life was created by God
no evoloution

Nobel Prize

a prestigious award given to bright minded people
Nobel created TnT

Marie Curie

Mme. Curie
- She had a physics/math degree
- Studied in Paris because
- Became a professor in Paris
- Research in radioactivity - polonium
- Nobel prize twice 1.phycial science 2.chem
- Dad was a respected scientist - learned more (aprentest ship )
- died of radioactivity


the process by which an unstable nucleus gives off nuclear radiation


English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)


a substance that destroys organisms that carry disease without harming body tissues


Hybrid (left hand - Africa right hand -European)
type of music that blended African-American songs and European musical forms

Scott Joplin

United States composer who was the first creator of ragtime to write down his compositions (1868-1917)


music (especially dance music) has a syncopated rhythm
, irregularity in musical rhythm

piano/player piano

piano could play itself, place a song in the slot and the piano would play. scrolls were made with the notes stamped into them

sheet music

not many learned to read it.


different beat (off beat)
insterments - band group
no more music boxes




woman vocials


jazz players would play off of one an other, play freely


insterments could be moved around unlike a panio.

jazz shows/clubs




Charlie Chaplin

English comedian and film maker portrayed a downtrodden little man in baggy pants and bowler hat

slapstick comedy

Low comedy in which humor depends entirely on physical actions




movement of people from rural areas to cities


leading away from traditions and on to new things like the turn of the century


19th century painting,
artists went against realism by painting their impressions of objects or moments.


to think and act independently
steeping out of line to do what you want (do have your own way of doing things)


a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization


were used as a place for lower class men to get together in a heated area with indoor pluming.


famous painter


a style of art in which the subject matter is portrayed by geometric forms, especially cubes


means wild beast- wild color, powerful, brutal brushwork

Marc Chagall

Russian painter,stained glass windows and illustrated books

social liberalism

immigration/ equality


able to capture scenes with film
, the act of taking and printing photographs
also use of printing press


french post-impressionist painterpainted colonies, showing an idea of an "Eden-like" society

Van Gogh

impressionist artist


French painter and sculptor

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