Chapter 22

The Famers' Alliance:
helped establish the Populist Party
William "Boss" Tweed controlled:
Tammany Hall
The "subtreasury plan":
allowed farmers to secure low-interest government loans
"You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!" This statement was made by:
William Jennings Bryan
The Interstate Commerce Commission
was created to regulate railroads
Which of the following would most likely have been a Gilded Age Democrat?
an Irish Immigrant
Which of the following groups did NOT support increased coinage of silver
The Pendleton Civil Service Act:
provided for appointment to a number of government jobs on the basis of competitive exams
Which of the following would most likely have been a Gilded Age Republican
a prohibitionist
In the presidential election of 1896, all of the following may be applied to William Jennings Bryan EXCEPT:
won after gaining the support of Theodore Roosevelt
As president, Chester Arthur proved to be:
surprisingly competent and independent
The one issue on which there were clear-cut divisions between Democrats and Republicans in the Gilded Age was:
the tariff
The Stalwarts:
were led by Roscoe Conkling
People living during the Gilded Age expected what type of support from the federal government?
very little
Grover Cleveland:
had a strictly limited view of government's role
When Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner labeled the post-Civil War era the "Gilded Age," they implied that it was characterized by:
widespread greed and corruption
In the presidential election of 1892, the Populist candidate:
won twenty-two electoral votes
Chester A. Arthur
was connected with the New York Customhouse corruption before he became president
All the following were included in the 1892 Omaha platform of the People's party EXCEPT:
halting the free and unlimited courage of silver
In the depression of 1893, unemployment hovered around:
20 percent