Clues: Clothing, Colors, Seasons

15 terms by klkhughes

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You wear this type of hat in the winter.


This is a bag women use to carry items such as make-up, mirrors, cell phones, etc.


You wear this on your wrist to tell time.


This is jewelry that you wear on your ears.


This is jewelry that you wear on your finger.


This is jewelry that you wear around your neck.


This is something small kept in your pocket or purse to hold money, identification, etc.


You wear these to keep your hands warm.


You wear this to keep your neck warm.


You wear this type of coat when it rains.

traje de baño

You wear this to swim.


You wear these to help you see better.


You wear this around your waist to keep your pants from falling down.


This is a very heavy jacket that you wear to keep warm.


This is clothing that women wear to keep their legs warm.

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