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As a class project, Senora is working with other classmates to create a company that would market NASCAR memorabilia. Her teacher has instructed Senora to use the traditional approach to create the organization's structure. What should Senora do?
create an organizational structure with vertical and horizontal configurations
___ departmentalization is defined as organizing work and workers into separate units responsible for particular business functions or areas of expertise.
While __ emphasizes jobs and their authority relationships, ___ emphasizes the activities through which work gets done in the organization.
organizational structure; organizational process
Which of the following statements about functional departmentalization is true?
functional departmentalization allows work to be done by highly qualified specialists
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of functional departmentalization?
functional departmentalization produces managers with broader experience and expertise
Hallmark has four departments. These departments are (1) Flowers and Gifts, (2) cards and e-cards, (3) Hallmark Collectibles, and (4) Photo Albums and Scrapbooks. Hallmark uses ___ departmentalization.
Disadvantages of ___ departmentalization include slower decision making, the development of managers and workers with narrow experience and expertise, and more difficult cross-departmental coordination.
Which of the following types of departmentalization does NOT have a problem with the duplication of resources?
Commerce Insurance Services has five divisions. They are personal; core commercial; Main Street business, major commercial; and benefits. The company is also departmentalized along product lines. Commerce Insurance Services uses ___ departmentalization.
Of all types of departmentalization, ___ departmentalization requires the highest level of management skill for successful implementation.
Honeywell Inc. reorganized its European operations along customer lines to prepare for a unified European Union. In doing so, it abandoned matrix departmentalization. Why would Honeywell engage in such restructuring?
to end conflict between product managers in different parts of its matrix
As a result of their structures, matrix organizations automatically violate the principle of ___.
unity of command
An international distribution company has a shipping division, a warehouse division, and a computer hardware and software distribution center as well as a marketing research department, a human resources department and an accounting department. A salesperson who works in the shipping division is told by the accounting department that he must turn in a weekly expense account. His supervisor in the shipping division wants expense accounts submitted monthly. Since it takes at least two hours to prepare the expense account form and the salesperson wants to devote as much time as possible to sales, the salesperson is likely experiencing a problem with__.
chain of command
the chain of command __.
is described by none of these
___ assigns direct authority and responsibility to a subordinate to complete tasks for which the manager is normally responsible
Delegation of authority
___ is the process of solving problems by consistently applying the same rules, procedures and processes
An Indian cardinal's call for local church leaders to have more power and for papal authority to be distributed to lower levels within the Catholic hierarchy has elicited agreement from other church leaders in India. Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil in a published interview stated that the Indian church has been forced "to depend on the Roman curia for too many matters." He also asserted that bishops should not have "to run to Rome for everything" and that canon law should be modified to allow the pope to share his authority. Vithayathil is calling for ___.
job specialization can result in__.
employee boredom
___ determines the number, kind, and variety of tasks that individual workers perform in doing their jobs
job design
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