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Chapter 16 US History

Flashcards for chapter 16 on sections 1,2,3,and 4. Important people and vocabulary. Chtp 16 quiz. Mrs. Maloney's class. Per 2
Horace Mann
Education reform. He provided public education for all children.
Thomas Gallaudet
Education Reform. Built schools for the Deaf.
Samuel Howe
Education Reform. Built schools for the Blind. Taught blind people braille and taught them skills how to get jobs.
Dorethea Dix
Mental Illness Reform/Prison. Thought that America needed hospitals for the mentally ill and by 1860, as many as 15 countries did.
"Mother Ann" Lee
Utopia Reform. Created the Shaker society. They believed in sharing everything and deep believers of god.
Frederick L. Olmsted
Urban Reform/City. Built first urban park; wanted to make NY a better place. Now known as Cenral Park.
James Forten
Antislave Reform/Emancipation. A wealthy buisnessman; presented a petition to Congress calling for empancipation.
Theodore Weld
Antislave. A student; kicked out of college then went to Oberlin College. He wanted slavery to abolish. Oberlin was the anti slavery center at the time
Wliiam L. Garrison