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  1. replacement
  2. clutch
  3. prefer
  4. gesture
  5. shun
  1. a n- a movement of the arm or hand; something done to show one's feelings v- to make a movement of the arm or hand
  2. b v- to like better; to chose first;
  3. c n- a person ot thing that takes the place of another
  4. d v- to grasp or hold tightly; n- the part of a machine that connects and disconnects power to the machine.
  5. e v- to take special pains to avoid; to keep away from

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  1. n- power or knowledge; skill
  2. v- To touch in a loving, tender way; n- a tender or loving touch or hug.
  3. adj- very happy; joyful.
  4. adj- friendly; good-natured and pleasant
  5. v- to ask for; n- the thing asked for

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  1. coaxv- to be sad or gloomy; to lose interest in the things that usually bring pleasure


  2. recoveryn- a return to a normal state; the act of getting back what was lost or stolen


  3. mopev- to persuade or urge in a gentle way


  4. furiousn- great anger; wild and uncontrolled force


  5. recoverv- to get back to a normal state; to get well again; to get back what was lost or stolen