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fossil fuels

oil, natural gas, and coal; formed from the decayed remains of ancient plants and animals


liquid fossil fuel formed from decayed remains of ancient organisms; can be refined into fuels and used make plastics

nonrenewable resource

natural resource, such as fossil fuels, that cannot be replaced by natural processes as quickly as it is used

nuclear reactor

uses energy from a controlled chain reaction to generate electricity

nuclear waste

radioactive by-product that results when radioactive materials are used

renewable resource

energy source that is replaced almost as quickly as it is used

photovoltaic cell

device that converts solar energy into electricity; also called a solar cell


electricity produced by the energy of falling water

geothermal energy

thermal energy in hot magma; can be converted by a power plant into electrical energy


renewable organic matter from plants and animals, such as wood and manure, that can be burned to provide heat

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