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Instruments that produce sound from a vibrating string are called:


A specific area within the range of a voice or instrument, such as high, middle, or low, is called:


The generally accepted term for the high male vocal range is:


A guitar is an example of a chordophone.


Drum-type instruments fall into the category of:


The human voice:

possesses lyric beauty and expressiveness that has served as a model for instrument builders and players.

The standard ranges of the human voice from highest to lowest are:

soprano, alto, tenor, bass.

Throughout history, the voice has served as a model to instrumentalists and to instrument builders.


How do idiophones produce sound?

by shaking, scraping, or striking the instrument itself

A mechanism that generates musical vibrations and launches them into the air is called:

an instrument.

Of the following, which is NOT a chordophone?


The term timbre refers to:

the color of a tone.

Flutes and whistles are classified as idiophones.


Throughout history, women's voices have held a central role in the performance of church music.


The quality of sound that distinguishes one instrument or voice from another is:


In some cultures, women's voices are preferred for certain styles of music.


Instruments that produce sound by using air as the vibrating means are called:


Which of the following voices has the lowest range?


Of the following, which is NOT a property of a musical sound?


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