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Project Management
Terms in this set (44)
- Provide or obtain financial resources
- Authorize assignment of human resources to the project
- Assign the project manager and state their level of authority
- Serve as final decision maker for all project issues
- Negotiate support from key stakeholders
- Monitor delivery of major milestones
- Run interference and remove roadblocks
- Provide political coaching to the project manager
-the reasons for the project (justification)

-justification for the project, and how it fits in with
the company objectives.

-how it aligns to the strategic goals of an organization

-the business need or opportunity that brought about the project

-high-level details regarding estimated budgets and timelines for completing the project.
Develop a project schedule.
Create a work breakdown structure.
Determine resources.
Identify and plan for detailed risks.
Determine project requirements.
Write a communication plan.
Develop a procurement plan if utilizing resources outside an organization.
Develop a change management plan.
Define the project budget.
Project goals and objectives
Project description
Problem statement
Key project deliverables
High-level milestones
High-level cost estimates
Stakeholder identification
High-level assumptions
High-level constraints
High-level risks
General project approach
Name of the project manager and their authority level
Name of the sponsor