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Geography Final

The Islamic Front is most correctly located within the African Transition Zone.
Nigeria is a major oil producer.
People of Dutch ancestry in South Africa are called:
Which of the following is associated with the concept of continental drift?
The supercontinent Pangaea at one time joined together what is now Africa, South
America, Antarctica, Australia, Madagascar, and India.
A disease that spreads worldwide is known as a(n):
The Kalahari Desert is found in the central part of The Congo.
The two groups who fought one another in the Rwandan civil war are the:
Hutus, Tutsis
A unique aspect of Madagascar is that:
the population is of Malay-Polynesian origin
In Iraq, the Shi'ite population is concentrated in:
the southeast
Darfur Province, the recent scene of a massive ethnic cleansing, is located in the centralwest
Contagious diffusion is strongly associated with local distance effects, whereas
hierarchical diffusion often involves the leapfrogging of innovations among widely
separated places.
Which of the following countries does not share a common border with Israel?
Hydraulic civilization theory holds that:
cities able to control irrigated farming over large hinterlands hold
power over other cities
Which of the following is not included in the North Africa/Southwest Asia realm?
Iran differs from most of the North Africa/Southwest Asian realm in that:
it is predominantly Shi'ite
Today, more than 80 percent of all Muslims are Sunnis.
The largest oil reserves in the realm are located in:
Saudi Arabia
The empire that ruled over much of Southwest Asia prior to World War I was the:
The major difference between an endemic and a pandemic disease is that:
a pandemic disease moves through the population of a large area of the world, whereas an endemic disease is simply present, affecting the lives of millions of people in a negative way
India's Muslim population now constitutes less than 2% of the country's population.
The caste system is most associated with which of the following religions:
Bangladesh was formerly known as:
East Pakistan
India today is the world's second most populous state.
The caste system has completely disappeared from Indian society.
The irredentist movement in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan is based on
cultural affiliations with the neighboring country of:
In the first stage of the demographic transition both birth rates and death rates are high.
The lowest-ranking social group in the Hindu caste system is the Brahmans.
The country located immediately northwest of India is:
In 1947, British India was partitioned into which of the following states?
India and Pakistan
The two major cities on the North China Plain are:
Beijing and Tianjin
China's total area is:
slightly smaller than that of the United States
all of the above
Japan's natural landscapes:
are mountainous and hilly, with flat land at a premium
Mao Zedong's proclamation creating the communist People's Republic of China was
announced in:
The fortified political boundary separating the two Koreas has done little to halt trade and
population movements between the two political entities.
The capital of Japan was moved:
from Kyoto to Tokyo by the Meiji rulers
The leader of the legendary Long March through interior China was Mao Zedong
Taiwan was invaded by the Communist Chinese in 1945.
The SEZ located closest to China's largest city, Shanghai, is:
Three countries located on the Malay Peninsula are:
Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar
The concept that indicates that destabilization in one area will eventually affect
neighboring areas is known as the:
domino theory
Which of the following mother country-colony associations is incorrect?
Thailand is a good example of an elongated state.
More than half of Southeast Asia's population lives in which two countries?
Indonesia and the Philippines
A former Portuguese colony that is the newest state in Southeast Asia is:
East Timor
Vietnam constitutes an elongated state.
A boundary is actually marked on the ground during the stage called:
The two core areas of Vietnam are centered at:
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
The first stage in boundary evolution is:
The island across the Bass Strait off the southeastern coast of Australia is called:
The vast interior rural area of Australia is known as the:
For many years, Australia had an immigration policy that:
allowed only white people to enter the country
The animals found in Australia who carry their young in pouches are collectively known
New Zealand's largest ethnic minority group, whose roots are Polynesian, is known as
Which of the following is true?
While much of interior Australia is desert, most of interior New
Zealand is mountainous.
Native Australians are known as:
The Australian capital city is:
Wallace's Line refers to:
the line separating Australian animal species from non-Australian
Biogeography is divided into the fields of climatology and geomorphology.
Spread of Islam orginated in
Saudi Arabia
In Islam the 5 pillars of faith are:
repeated expressions of creed, frequent prayer, ramadan, almsgiving, pilgrimage to Mecca
What are the majority of muslims?
Sunni- 85%
In the area of Darfur, between Chad and Sudan, what happened?
Mass genocide between Muslim North and Non-muslim south
The rain shadow effect in the Atlas mountains affects what area?
Where is the fertile crescent in northern Africa and southwest Asia?
Tygis Euphrates, hydraulic civilization
What is Wahhabism?
Dominant form of Islam, especially in Saudi Arabia.
What three countries have a dispute over the marchland (uncertain boundaries) of Kashmir?
China, India, Pakistan
What three lakes are created by nile dams?
Lake Tana in Ethiopia, Lake Victoria in East Africa, and Lake Nasser created by the Aswan High Dam
What is the lowest and highest position in the the caste system for Hinduism?
Lowest: Dalits (untouchables) Highest: Brahmins
What is arithmetic density?
Total number of people in proportion to area of the land.
What is physiological density?
Total population in proportion to the area of arable land.
What is the old name for East Pakistan?
Why is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan a fragile area?
People immigrating to Pakistan to escape the Soviet Union and Taliban Regime were suffering political pressure and irrendentism from Pakistan.
The region of Tibet (Xizang) has tall mountains and high plateaus. In the years of 1950 and 1965 what two things did this region go through?
Chinese communism in 1950. In 1965 it was annexed into an autonomous region.
What is important about Pudong?
Special Economic Zone located closest to Shanghai.
Macua has stations of casinos and was brought back to communism after being controlled by:
Who is Mao Zedong?
Leader of communist China 1949-1976
Who was the biggest influence on Metropolitan Japan? (Now the second largest economy in the world)
What is the Meiji Restoration considered?
1868 the return of the "enlightened" rule
What three regions make up the Jakota Triangle?
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan.
What region was named "Formosa" and eventually was turned into the Republic of China by Chinese Nationalist in 1949?
What is the capital of Taiwan?
What country survived the colonial era as an independent entity?
What were three Portuguese colonies?
Macua, East Timor, India
Who broke away from Malaysia because of religious and cultural differences?
Colonies of French Indochina:
Cochin China, Mekong Delta, Annam, Cambodia, Laos
Colonies of British Imperialism:
Burma, Malaya, Borneo, Small islands in South China Sea
Shape of Cambodia:
Compact State, easy to govern.
Shape of Vietnam and Laos:
Elongated state, difficulties with transportation and communication.
Shape of Thailand and Myanmar?
Protruded state, protrusion has differing culture and economy.
Shape of Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia?
Fragmented states, several parts, isolated areas, and lots of challenges with transportation and communication.
What is a perforated state?
What that completely surrounds and isolates a "hole" state.
China has a strong influence over:
Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and some of Indonesia.
What city has an advantage over the other: Saigon or Hanoi?
Saigon (Ho Chi Mihn City) is far more developed because of more convenient transportation for trade and travel.
What two steps are required to establish a boundary?
1) Definition: contract defining boundary. 2) Delimitation: Drawing official boundary on large scale maps.
What country was a victim of war and insurgencies and invaded to build communist ultarian?
Who was responsible for the "killing fields" genocide of 1975, where millions on residents were forced out of homes to rural areas to suffer?
The communist Khmer Rouge
Antecedent Boundary:
clearly detected but passes through sparsely inhabited areas. Ex: Malaysia and Indonesia
Subsequent Boundary:
evolved with cultural landscape. Ex: Vietnam and China
Superimposed Boundary:
drawn forcibly across unified cultural landscape. Ex: Netherlands and New Guinea (then taken over by Indonesia)
Relict Boundary:
ceased no function but imprints are still evident in cultural landscape. Ex: North and South Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.
What area is the most populated in Indonesia?
Muslim East Indies
What is considered Papua New Guinea?
Eastern half of New Guinea where Papua was first taken over by the Dutch (???)
What is Wallace's line?
Transitional zone between Asia and Australia.
Who are the aborigines?
People in Australia dated to be there 50,000 to 60,000 years ago.
What are the concerns with the indigenous people?
Mass racism against the aborigines and arguments over claims to land.
What are the meanings of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia?
Mela: black, Micro: small, Poly: many.
What is Mangolia considered?
A classic buffer state.
What is the most populated city in China?
Shang Hai
What are classic associations with Hinduism?
They don't eat meat, oldest religion, polytheistic, and they cremate their dead.
What major country does not have any claims to Antarctica?
The United States.
Who started a cultural revolution that spilled out of China and into other surrounding countries?
Mao Zedong
What are major problems associated with climate changes on islands?
The rising sea level.
Who was leader of the Communist party of China after Mao died and changed China into a market economy?
Deng Xiaoping
Who are the Maoris?
The indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.
What does the Treaty of Waitangi?
Gives land and fishing rights between the Maori's and the other citizens.
What kind of relationship is there with island tourism?
There is a good and bad relationship with island tourism.
What are the associations with the high and the low islands?
High: islands of volcanic origins. Low: Origin is due to sedimentation or uplifting of coral reefs.
What is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk credited for?
Being the founder or "father" or Turkey.
What is Turkestan?
Northeastern most region of the North Africa/South West Asia Realm.