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Google Classroom
Where my child goes to complete online assignments, access graded projects, and view feedback.
Reading Plus
Complete all assignments at 80% or better on this weekly online Comprehension and Vocabulary homework will get my child an A.
Google Drive
Where all my child's online assignments AUTOMATICALLY save and can be accessed from ANY computer.
No Red Ink
Online Grammar practice that is done in class during Academic Enrichment (extended-lunch) and/or can be completed at home.
Google Docs
This is the app my child uses to create typed assignments. All work saves instantaneously!
Google Slides
This app is used to design projects and is similar to the old/outdated Powerpoint.
This is how my child and I receive friendly homework/test/project reminders. It is also a quick way to contact Mrs. Seibert for important/semi-urgent questions.
Online practice for vocabulary review that is done in class on Fridays or can be used at home to review and study for tests.
This orange book is what my child uses for homework each night to practice his/her vocabulary words. Each unit is due for a grade on the day of the test (but not after--per the Syllabus)
Laptop/Tablet combination that is assigned to my child for responsible technology use in this classroom only. They break it, you buy it!
Student Portal
This is where my child logs in with their student number and password to access his/her school email, Google Classroom, Reading Counts, Reading Plus, and other learning tools.
Reading Counts
This 30-point or 40-point (Advanced only) requirement is due at the end of each quarter. Students should read a minimum of 2 books outside of class each quarter to earn RC points.
Wish List
Highlighters, novels, tissues, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.
Digital stickers placed on student work for excellence or improvement.
This yellow paper has pertinent details about this class AND was read and signed by me and my child at the beginning of the school year.