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  1. Corroborate
  2. Evasion
  3. Croon
  4. Contemptuously
  5. Elongate
  1. a To support with evidence or authority
  2. b The act of avoiding, evading, dodging, and escaping
  3. c To hum or sing softly in a low voice
  4. d To prolong, lengthen, extend
  5. e Scornfully, cruelly, looking down on another

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  1. Making a harsh cry, to have a noisy argument
  2. No longer operative, obsolete
  3. The first appearance of something
  4. Having no definite forms
  5. Indifferent, lacking interest

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  1. AlightTo descend, to notice or encounter something by accident


  2. ExtemporizeImprovise


  3. CondescendingMarked by an air of demeaning superiority; snobby, arrogant


  4. BeauxBoyfriend


  5. BenedictionA blessing or act of blessing


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