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  1. Apathetic
  2. Elongate
  3. Evasion
  4. Billow (n)
  5. Contemptuously
  1. a A great swell of surge, as of cloud and smoke or wave
  2. b To prolong, lengthen, extend
  3. c Indifferent, lacking interest
  4. d Scornfully, cruelly, looking down on another
  5. e The act of avoiding, evading, dodging, and escaping

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  1. Having no definite forms
  2. A blessing or act of blessing
  3. Having the same measure, ; of equal extent of duration
  4. Making a harsh cry, to have a noisy argument
  5. No longer operative, obsolete

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  1. ContingencyMarked by an air of demeaning superiority; snobby, arrogant


  2. CroonA thin fabric of nylon, rayon, or silk


  3. BeauxBoyfriend


  4. ExtemporizeImprovise


  5. CondescendingDependence on chance or on the fulfillment of a condition