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Which one of the following is NOT true of lung cancer:

it is caused mainly by pollution

Which of the following are currently the most damaging and disabling respiratory diseases in the US:

COPD and lung cancer

The homeostatic imbalance associated with the death of many full-term newborn infants is called:


Which one of the following is true of cystic fibrosis:

-it is the most common lethal genetic disease in the us
-it causes over secretion of thick mucus that clogs the respiratory passages
-it impairs food digestion
-it causes sweat glands to produce an extremely salty perspiration

Which one of the following is NOT true of cystic fibrosis:

Those that have it can live long, normal lives

The abbreviation IRDS stands for:

infant respiratory distress syndrome

Emphysema results in:

-enlarges alveoli
-lung fibrosis
-expanded barrel chest
-decreases lung elasticity

The most important chemical stimuli leading to increases rate and depth of breathing is:

increased carbon dioxide in the blood

Hyperventilation leads to all of the following:

-brief period of apnea

Hyperventilation leads to all of the following EXCEPT:


Cessation of breathing is called:


Emphysema results in all of the following EXCEPT:

long life span

The bluish cast that results form inadequate oxygenation of the skin and mucosa is called:


Exchange of both the oxygen and carbon dioxide through the respiratory membrane occurs by:

simple diffusion

The walls of the alveoli are composed largely of:

simple squamus epithelium

which one of the following is true of lungs:

-the narrower portion of each ling is called the apex
-the bases rest on the diaphragm
-the left lung has two lobes
-the right lung has three lobes

which one of the following is NOT true of lungs:

-the left lung is smaller because of the liver (the liver is on the right)

the serous membrane covering the surface of the lungs is called the:

visceral pluera

parietal pluera:

is touching the body cavity

The flap of elastic cartilage that protects food entering the larynx when swallowing is the:


Te opening between the vocal chords is called the:


When oxygen enters the respiratory system, what is the next structure to which it travels immediately upon leaving the trachea:

main (primary) bronchi

Cilia of the trachea that beat continually propel contaminated mucus:

toward the throat to be swallowed or spat out

What is the role of mucus in the nasal cavity:

trap incoming bacteria and other foreign debris

the respiratory conducting passageways perform the following functions:

purify air
humidify aur
warm incoming air
allow air to reach the lungs

the respiratory conducting passageways perform the following functions EXCEPT:

gas exchange(which happens in the alveoli)

the conducting passageways of the respiratory system include all of the following structures:


the conducting passageways of the respiratory system include all of the following structures EXCEPT:


the general term for inadequate oxygen delivery to body tissues regardless of the cause is called:


wheezing is a whistling sound associated with:

diseased respiratory tissue, mucus, or pus

inflammating od the pleura is often caused by decreases secretion of pleural fluid called:


The emergency surgical opening of the trachea is called a:


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