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those most-missed terms


"Great" Persian ruler who briefly controlled northeaster India around 500 BCE


Dynasty that ruled the first great Indian Empire


Rulers who controlled India during a "golden age" from 320 C.E. to about 550 C.E.

Vishun, Brahma, Shiva

Three gods of the Hindu trinity

"Arabic" numerals

Essential advancement in mathematics invented in India, concept of 0


Sacred mounds said to contain remians of the Buddha


Group that opposed Buddhism in India

Eightfold Path

The road to enlightenment, according to the Buddha

Mahayana, Theravada

Two major schools that Buddhism split into


Original inhabitants of North Africa, fiercely independent desert dwellers


West African farmers and herders who spread widely south and east between 500 BCE and 1500 CE

Mansa Musa

Great Mali ruler who gave away vast amounts of gold on his hajj to Mecca

Ibn Battuta

North African traveler and historian who wrote in detail about his journeys throu Islamic Africa in the 1300s


Famous Mali trading city and center of Musli learning


Earliest kingdom of the wester Sudan, it flourished from the 700s to the mid-100s


Kingdom that controlled much of western Africa from the 1200s until about 1500


West African empire that flourished in the 1400s and 1500s, overthrown by Moroccans in 1591


Capital of the Ancient Nubian Kingdom of Kush, and an important African iron-making center

Civil Service Exams

Method of choosing government officials which originated in China during the 6th century; helped to strengthen administrative rule of China

Liu Bang

Han Dynasty was founded by this person in 200 BCE that lasted for over 400 years

Confucian scholars

People killed by the thousands by China's "first emperor" who united China, he also banned many schools of thought & instituted Legalism during the Qin Dynasty


Han warrior emperor who greatly expanded the empire

Shi HuangDi

The "First Emperor" who unified China during the Qin Dynasty, terra cotta army, Great Wall, Legalism


Founder of the pilosophy of Daoism

filial piety

According to Confucious, this was a son or daughter's most important duty

The Analects

Written collection of the sayings of Confucius


Policy toward conquered people promoted byt the Han and Roman Empires


Political state established in Persia in the 13th century, considered a part of the Mongol Empire


Genghis Khan's birth name

Yuan Dynasty

Name of the Mongol dynasty in China


Chief builder of the Mughal empire, the founder's grandson, called "the great"

Timur the Lame/Tamerlane

Warrior leader from Central Asia whose army destroyed Delhi in 1398

Delhi Sultanate

Capital of the Islamic Sultanate that ruled much of northern India from 1206 to 1526


Founder of the Mughal Empire in 1526

Abbas the Great

Most outstanding Safavid ruler


Wester attacks against the medieval Islamic Eljuk Empire in Palestine

Seljuk Empire

The Mongols crushed the remnants of this Central Asian state in the 13th century


Teenage ruler who established the Safavid Empire


Non-Muslim religious communities in the Ottoman Empire


The grade you'll earn tomorrow on your AP World History exam =D

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