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Chapter 14: Remix Production


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Creates an alternate version of the original, sometimes by adding new content. The most typical remix is an extended dance version of a pop song
- Gain information or learn new things
- Identify with characters & situations
- Pleasure
- Enhance social interaction
- Escape from stresses of daily life
What is the motivations for using media?
A type of remix that involves the intentional juxtaposition & recombination of two or more works that may be very different from one another
our impulse to both celebrate & critique the genres of media that are part of our culture and lived experience
Part of the motivation to create remixes and mashups comes from...
A variety of practices of sharing human expression that are as old as time
Popular culture
- Consider the relationship between representations & realities
- Explore the relationship between authors & audiences
- Focus on the interpretation of media messages & meanings
What is the main approaches to critiquing media culture?
Critique & comment upon the YouTube videos produced by others, using bits of those videos and adding commentary to create new creative work
YouTube reaction videos
The complex way that meaning is shaped through texts that make reference to other texts
the overabundance of images, sounds, and digital media texts that circulate in contemporary culture
Remix creativity relies on...