Grade 5 - Science Chapter 2 - Design and function

The knowledge, processes, and products that solve problems and make work easier.
Steps of the design process
- identify a problem
- do research
- develop possible solutions
- chose a solution
- design and construct a prototype
- test the prototype
- communicate results
- evaluate and redesign
A small piece of a computer that contains microscopic, or tiny, circuits. They make it possible for computers to process information very quickly.
World Wide Web
Is a computer-based network of information sources.
Technologies that have moving parts.
Prosthetic limb
Is an artificial arm, hand, leg or foot that replaces a missing one.
Design process
Is a set of steps for developing products and processes that solve problems.
Is used to test the solution. It is a version of the solution.
Medical technologies
Help us live longer and healthier lives.