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Present perfect/Past simple


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I (have been/went) to California last year.
have not seen
I (not/see) him for months. How is he?
has never heard
I can't believe he (never/hear) of the Beatles!
Have you ever won
(you/ever/win) a competition?
I (win) a photography competition in 1992.
Did you meet
(you/meet) when you were at university in 1980?
I have just sold
'Can I have a copy of the paper, please?'
'Sorry, (just/I/sell) the last copy.'
I have already visited
I haven't been here for long, but (I/visit/already) lots of places.
I have not seen that film yet
I (not/see/yet/that film)
I (speak) to him two hours ago.
Have you ever tasted
(you/taste/ever) sushi?
I _______________ (eat) sushi for the first time on my Dad's 50th birthday.
have lived
Anna and Peter moved to Los Angeles after their wedding.
Anna and Peter _____________ in Los Angeles since their wedding.
have not had
I ________________________________ (have/not) the time to do it yet.
have you been
How long ____ ____ ____ (you/be) outside?
have written
You ___________ (write) two letters already. I think that's enough for today!