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BIO 163; FINAL Exam, Part 4


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T or F. Plasma consists of a variety of dissolved substances and a small amount of water
all of the above
non specific defenses, select one:
a. mechanical barriers
b. fever
c. chemical barriers
d. all of the above
T or F. Beta globulins are the parts of plasma that constitute immunoglobulins (antibodies)
blood coagulation
forms the blood clot through a complex series of events that will have the end result of fibrinogen converting into fibrin
a. blood coagulation
b. blood vessel spasm
c. platelet plug formation
blood vessel spasm
smooth muscles of the blood vessels will contract (vasospasm) to lessen the blood loss
a. blood coagulation
b. blood vessel spasm
c. platelet plug formation
platelet plug formation
condition that occurs as blood escapes in the severed blood vessel and the thrombocytes adhere to the edges of the broken blood vessel, collagen in the connective tissue, and to one another. Platelets release a chemical called serotonin to cause vasoconstriction to further reduce blood loss.
a. blood coagulation
b. blood vessel spasm
c. platelet plug formation
all of the above
antibodies can react to antigens in which of the following ways
a. direct attack
b. activation of compliment
c. stimulation of changes to help prevent the spread of pathogens
d.all of the above
coronary arteries
the first of the branches of the aorta that carry freshly oxygenated blood and feed the heart
a. left common carotid artery
b. coronary arteries
c. pulmonary arteries
d. bracheocephalic artery
direct attack methods include
a. agglutination
b. chemotaxis
c. opsonization
d. lysis
leukocytes discard nuclei during maturation and development
B lymphocytes promote antibody immunity
mass of merging fibers in heart that act as unit
lymphatic vessels
as the lymphatic capillaries transport lymph away from the tissue, they merge to become
a. lymph nodes
b. lymphatic trunks
c. lymphatic vessels
cytotoxic T cells
blood cell that continually monitor the body's cells recognizing and destroying tumor cells and virus infected cell by boring or cutting a hole into the cell membrane
artificially acquired, active immunity
immunity occuring through the use of vaccines with the person having little or no symptoms
clot that forms abnormally in an unbroken blood vessel
interaction of proteins on the surface of cells such as erythrocytes with certain antibodies carried in the plasma
disease causing agents
secrete antibodies
B lymphocytes functions
a. secrete antibodies
b. secrete seratonin
c. secrete toxins and growth inhibiting factors
d. all of the above
T or F. Thrombocytes help repair damaged blood vessels by adhearing to the broken edges
all of the above
cardiac cycle consists of
a.atriole systole
c. ventricular systole
d. all of the above
interstitial fluid is considered to be lymph once it is filtered by the lymph nodes
the tonsils are masses of lymphoid tissue that contain which of the following
a. erythrocytes
b. leukocytes
c. antigens
d. antibodies
elevated body temperature to make leukocytes more active and vigorous and to conserve zinc and iron from the pathogen
a natural response from the body to isolate a region that has been invaded by a potential pathogen until the pathogen are destroyed
macrophages, neutrophils, and monocytes
chemical barriers
the chemical make up that prevents the pathogen to thrive within the body. Gastric juices in the stomach, lysozyme in the tears, and sebum from the sebaecous glands are examples
mechanical barriers
intact skin and mucous membranes keep most pathogens from the environment from entering the body; first line of defense
T or F. The two inferior chambers of the heart have thick myocardioum in order to pump blood to the body
all of the above
plasma functions include
a. transport of nutrients and gases
b. maintain a favorable PH
c. regulate fluid and electrolyte balances
d. all of the above
plasma proteins that help in blood coagulation. a. fibrinogens
b. albumins
c. globulins
d. fibrin
damaged erythrocytes are destroyed by
a. basophils
b. macrophages
c. lymphocytes
d. eosinophils
mononuclear phagocytic system
a. monocytes
b. eosinophils
c. basophils
d. all of the above
connective tissue
blood is what type of tissue
folic acid
dietary factors that affect erythrocyte production
a. folic acid
b. potassium
c. zinc
d. calcium
The cardiovascular system consists of
a. heart
b. spleen
c.lymphatic system
T or F. T lymphocytes mature in the spleen
Heart sounds are results of the opening and closing of the heart valves as the ventricles contract and relax.
purkinje fibers are located in which areawall of the heart
a. endocardium
b. myocardium
c. pericardium
atrioventricular node
self exciting mass of specialized cardiac muscle that generate the impulses of the heartbeat
a. purkinje fibers
b. atrioventricular node
c. sinotrial node
d. chordae tendinae
secrete toxins and growth-inhibiting factors
T lymphocyte functions
a. secrete antibodies
b. secrete serotonin
c. secrete toxins and growth-inhibiting factors
d. all of the above
all of the above
Blood includes:
a. eythrocytes
b. thromboctes
c. leukocytes
c. all of the above
lymph nodes contain which of the following that filter the lymph as it flows through the node
a. eosinophils
b. macrophages
c. basophils
d. all of the above
fight infections and inflammation reactions
leukocyte functions
a. fight infections only
b. carry oxygen and fight infections
c. carry oxygen and inflammation reactions
d. fight infections and inflammation reactions
the middle layer of the wall of the heart consisting of cardiac muscle
a. epicardiam
b. endocardium
c. endothelium
d. myocardium
peripheral resistance
Blood pressure is regulated and calculated by multiplying cardiac output (heart action) with____.
peripheral resistance
The friction between the blood and the walls of the blood vessels
blood viscosity
Describes the thickness of blood
Blood pressure
Term that describes the general force of blood against the arterial walls
heart action (cardiac output)
The amount of blood discharged per minute
Blood Volume
The amount of blood in a body based on size age and gender