WEX chapter 14 terms

Vocab and people from chapter 14 of WEX
Haile Selassie
Ethiopian king who pleaded with the league of nations to help defend Ethiopia against Italy
Rome-Belin-Tokyo Axis
Nations that agreed to fight communism, anti-democratic.
city that was raided by german bombers. An "experiment" by german to see what their planes could do
union of austria and germany. Germany took over - league o nations did nothing
Munich Conference
British and french meeting - chose appeasement against hitler. persuaded the czechs to surrender sudetenland without a fight
Neville Chamberlain
british prime minister from munich conf. thought he had achieved peace
Nazi-Soviet Pact
nonaggression pact between ger/hitler and ussr/stalin. Agreed not to fight if the other went to war and to divide up poland/ europe between them.
penalties for violating international law
giving into the demands of an aggressor in order to keep the peace
opposition to all war
"phony war"
when french hid behind magniot line.. nothing happened for awhile.
place where 300,000 british troops were saved by ships
Winston Churchill
replaced chamberlain as prime minister - rallied his people to fight
Battle of Britain
british won - ended operation sea lion. because of radar
Operation Barbarossa
invasion of the USSR
Lend-Lease Act
FDR's act that allowed him to lend or lease war supplies to countries who's defense was vital to the defense of the united states
Atlantic Charter
by roosevelt and churchill - set goals for the war - end nazi, bring up democracy
Pearl Harbor
a navy base which japan attacked . marked the entering of the US into WWII
lightning war- hitler's style of fighting
hitlers genocide against jews, gypsies, and non aryan.
battle of el alamein
allies point of attack in French N. Africa - defeat erwin romel "the desert fox"...then americans took the offensive
dwight eisenhower
american general, trapped rommenls armies who surrendered
battle of stalingrad
very costly. ger/ussr. ger surrounded stalingrad, ussr surrounded ger army
june 6th 1944. the invasion of france
someone who cooperates with an enemy force occupying a country
battle of the coral sea
when American damaged two Japanese fleets, stopped Japanese advance.
battle of the bulge
hitlers last effort
V-E day
victory in europe day.
harry truman
president, dropped the bomb
japanese suicide pilots. drove their explosive filled planes into american ships
the united nations. pretty successful peace organization.
"iron curtain"
speech given by churchill. showed growing fear of communism, described division of eastern and western bloc. East was soviet, west was democracies.
Truman doctrine
said the US will help any country threatened by communism
Berlin airlift
when stalin blocked all access to wester berlin (to US portion/GB). they fly everything into the city
North american treaty organization. members pledged to help on another if they were attacked
Warsaw Pact
the USSR's response to the NATO
limiting communism to areas already under soviet control
spanish civil war
a preview of the destructive nature of WWII