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Martin Luther King Jr.

On the third Monday in January
America celebrates
Martin Luther King Day
This is quite a new public holiday:
it started in 1983
Doctor Martin Lurther King Junior
was an important person
in the American Civil Rights movement.
He believed in non-violence.
Doctor King was born on [the] fifteenth [of] January 1929
in Atlanta, Georgia
and he became a Baptist minister.
At that time there was segregation
in the southern states of America.
Black people could not use
certain types of public transport...
... and go to the same schools and churches
as white people.
Doctor King didn't agree with this
and he protested in public.
The police arrested him several times.
On one occasion John Fitzgerald Kennedy
asked the police to free Doctor King
In many southern towns and cities
black people sat at the back of the bus
and white people at the front
In 1955, in Montgomery Alabama
one lady, Rosa Parks,
refused to give her seat to a white person
The police came and arrested her.
Doctor King then organized a boycott
of the Montgomery Bus System.
No black person used a bus in Montgomery
for 382 days.
In the end the Supreme Court
decided to stop segregation on public transport.
After this victory Doctor King was famous.
After this there were many other victories.
He campaigned against segregation
and inequality in other cities in the South.
In 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama,
he organized another peaceful protest.
He invited children and young adults
to march with him.
The police commissioner, Eugene 'Bull' Connor,
ordered his policemem to attack them
with dogs and water cannons.
Televisions and newspapers all over the world
showed these pictures of police brutality.
In 1963 Doctor King helped organize
the Civil Rights march on Washington DC.
On that day he gave his most famous speech:
everybody now knows the phrase
"I have a dream".