Med 147 Ch. 12

Julia noticed some ______ in the inventory when comparing last month's totals with the current month's totals.
Rhonda prefers that all ______ be initialed by the person who checks in the package
packing slips
Dr. Hughes is ______ when dealing with conflicts within the office by talking with staff members and looking for ways to compromise.
Sarah enjoys developing a _____ for office expenditures each fiscal year.
Items on ______ frustrate the office manager because of the follow-up required to make certain the item eventually arrives at the clinic.
When Douglas neglected to pay the supply bill by the due date, he ______ late charges and increased the total due by 2%.
The office manager was able to ______ a confrontation with the patient who complained about the bill by addressing his concerns in a cordial way.
By ______ websites that she uses frequently, Ann is able to find medical suppliers and research the best prices quickly.
physicians are constantly concerned about their ____ hen budgeting and planning salary increses
september beings the _______ for the clinic
fiscal year
6 duties that should be completed before patients start to arrive
prepare work space
prepare reception area
call answering service and collect messages
prepare message book
pull patient records
copy of days appointments
what parts of the medical record should be checked to see whether additional forms need to be added before a patient arrives for an office visit
additional pages for progress notes
explain the precautions that should be taken with prescription pads
don't leave them in open areas or on counters and check if you need to put more out
why is patient traffic flow an important consideration in the office environment
helps prevent patients from contracting and communicable disease
6 tasks the medical assistant can do between patients or during slower periods
filing charts
check supplies
receiving orders
why is the office policy and procedures manual important
to know about supervisors expectations and osha requirements
5 sections that might be found in an office policy and procedures manual
expected performance
tardy absence policy
sexual harassment
vacation/sick/paid time