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Honors Biology- Biomes


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tropical rainforest
These are found in equatorial regions and are the most diverse terrestrial biome.
Where can you find monkeys, sloths, toucans, snakes?
tropical savanna
Grasslands with scattered trees found in Africa, South America, and northern Australia. These are hot, tropical areas.
tropical desert
A type of desert where it is hot and dry most of the year, have few plants and a hard. Has flora such as cacti.
low precipitation
temperate grasslands
These biomes is found throughout central North America, where they are also known as prairies, and in Eurasia, where they are known as steppes. They have pronounced annual fluctuations in temperature with hot summers and cold winters. Has the most fertile soil.
temperate forests
The most common biome in eastern North America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Chile, and New Zealand. This biome is found throughout mid-latitude regions.
deciduous trees
Trees that lose their leaves each fall and remain leafless in the winter.
Trees that do not lose leaves during the year
An extremely cold, dry biome climate region characterized by short, cool summers and bitterly cold winters.
A terrestrial habitat zone that is characterized by large tracts of coniferous forests, long and cold winters, and short summers
The average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
plants of a region or era
all the animal life in a particular region
abiotic factors
Nonliving components of environment sun as water, sunlight, and pollution.
biotic factors
Living parts of an ecosystem such as plants, animals, humans and etc.
high precipitation
temperate desert (cold desert)
type of desert that has more precipitation than the tropical desert; sparse vegetation; high temperature in summer (daytime) and low in winter (daytime) above 30 degrees north
low temperatures
An area that has wide temperature day and night. Hard to grow plants because it get little rain. There are many reptiles and most of them are nocturnal.
Temperate Forest
There are 4 seasons. It is warm during the summer and cold during the winter. Most of these trees lose their leaves in the fall. Many birds migrate to a warmer climate just before winter comes. There are squirrels, raccoons, and deer.
Tropical Rain forest
Near equator, lots of rain and many kinds of plants are here. There are many tall trees and climbing plants. They are many diverse animals here like birds, reptiles, and insects
Very cold,dry and treeless region. Most of the plant life was very low to the ground and included such species as lichens, grasses, and mosses. Some animals are caribou, snowy owls, and an arctic fox.
Temperature ranges from -5 degrees to 2.5 degrees Celsius, precipitation range 10 to 175 cm
biome that has the broadest temperature range