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Polar Molecule
Molecule like water that has regions with opposite charges. Property of water that makes it a good solvent.
Particles of the same substance stick to each other. Property of water that allows it to stick to itself, which gives water a high surface tension so it can form droplets. When you use a straw, this allows you to pull up a whole chain of water at once, instead of 1 drop at a time.
Density of ice is lower than water
Property of water that is the reason ice floats. This is caused by the hydrogen bonds fixing water molecules in a crystal structure when they freeze.
Adhesion (Capillary Action)
Particles of two different substances stick to each other. Property of Water that allows it to hold on to the sides of graduated cylinders, plants, and straws.
Hydrogen Bond
Weak electrostatic bond that forms due to attraction of opposite charges between a hydrogen of one molecule and an oxygen, fluorine, or nitrogen of another molecule. Gives water Cohesion and Adhesion.
The thing that "DOES THE DISSOLVING". Water is a good one because of its polarity. It can surround and dissolve any other substance that has charged ions.
Specific Heat
Property of water that allows it to resist changes in temperature.