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Protons, electrons, and neutrons
What are the subatomic particles in an atom?
Positive charge
What kind of charge does a proton have?
No charge
What kind of charge does a neutron have?
Negative charge
What kind of charge does an electron have?
Located In the nucleus
Where are the protons located?
Located In the electron cloud around the nucleus.
Where are the electrons located?
Located in the nucleus.
Where are the neutrons located?
Atomic number
what Is on top of the symbol of an element and represents the protons and electrons in an atom.
Atomic mass
What Is written below the symbol on the periodic table. Protons and neutrons combine to form the mass.
If you change the number of protons in an atom.
The only way an atom can change into a different element?
Dmitri Mendeleev
who created the first periodic table?
This table Arranged by atomic mass and spaces were left for elements to be discovered at a later date.
How was the first period table arranged?
Groups or families
what elements Run vertical (up or down) on the periodic table?
This table Is arranged by atomic number
how is the modern periodic table arranged?
18 groups
How many groups are on the table?
These run horizontal (side to side) on the periodic table.
7 periods
How many periods are on the periodic table ?
Because the elements in the same group have similar properties.
why are groups known as families?
as you move down the the periodic table, the atoms increase in size.
how does the location on period table explain the size of an atom?
The more reactive elements tend to be at the far left and right of the period table.
How does the location on the period table explain the reactivity of an atom?
group 18 noble gases are located at the far right of the table.
where are noble gases (group 18) located on the periodic table?
Metals, nonmetals, and metalloid regions
name the 3 different regions of the periodic table.
alkali metals
what metals are in group 1?
alkaline earth metals
what metals are in group 2?
transition metals
what metals are in groups 3 -12
which element is in group 17?
Which element on the periodic table can be a gas , liquid, and solid at room temperature?
these electrons are the electrons in the outer most shell of the atom. they are the electrons that bond atoms together.
what is a valance electron?
metals conduct heat and electricity, are shiny in appearance, and are easily pounded into different shapes.
what are the characteristics of metals
the nucleus is much smaller than the electron cloud. the cloud takes up most of the size of an atom.
how does the size of the nucleus of an atom compare to the size of the electron cloud of the atom?
theses are used as semiconductors in electronic equipment.
whats the most common use for metalloids?
An atom becomes radioactive because there are too few or too many neutrons compared to the number of protons.
why does an atom become radioactive?

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