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1. What are some reasons to study history?
To become a better citizen
To see how current events are an effect of the past
What does a Physical Map show?
Rivers and Mountains (Physical features)
What does a Political Map show?
Borders of countries/states or political boundaries.
What is 0 degrees Latitude?
The Equator
What is 0 degrees Longitude?
The Prime Meridian
What is a primary source?
Something made or written by someone who was there at the time.
What is a secondary source?
Something made or written by someone who was not there at the time.
Where were the Inca located?
Who was the emperor of the Inca?
What was the capital city of the Inca?
What things are the Inca most remembered for?
Thousands of miles of roads, successful brain surgery and and elaborate government system.
Where was the Mayan civilization located?
Yucatan Peninsula in lower Mexico, Belize, Guatemala.
What was the capital of the Mayan Civilization?
What are the Mayan most remembered for?
Building Temples and pyramids as well as creating a calendar.
What is a Theocracy?
A government ruled by religious religious leaders
Where was the Aztec empire located?
Present day Mexico City (central Mexico)
Who was the emperor of the Aztec?
What are the Aztec most remembered for?
Human Sacrifices and hot Chocolate
What was the capital of the Aztec?
Tenochitlan- a city built on a lake.
Who conquered the Aztec?
Hernando Cortez
What is carbon dating?
A scientific process to determine how old something is.
What determined the culture of American Indians?
The geography of the land and resources that the land provided.
What are the Anasazi known for?
Building their homes in the sides of cliffs
What are the Inuit known for?
Living in the cold Arctic region and hunting seals
What is the Iroquois Confederacy?
Five tribes including the Onondaga, Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, and Seneca that banded together to defend against the Huron and French.
What trade items did early explorers want?
Spices, Perfume, Silk and Precious stones
What ocean did explorers cross to get to America?
What are some contributing factors that lead to the destruction of Native American culture by Europeans?
Disease, Introduction of Christianity, conquest of tribal lands, slavery
What two countries led the way in early exploration and had to have the pope divide their claims by drawing the line of demarcation?
Spain and Portugal
Why was Prince Henry the Navigator so important to exploration? Where was he from?
He set up a school for explorers in Portugal
Name some of the reasons that Europeans wanted to expand their empire.
Gold, God, Glory
Who was the Spanish priest that advocated for laws protecting American Indians from slavery and cruel treatment.
Bartolome de las Casas
Why did Columbus sailed west instead of east to reach the Indies?
To avoid piracy in the Mediterranean Sea and to cut out the middle man in trade.
Why did Columbus sail for Spain if he was Italian?
Spain gave him the money to fund his voyage
Where did Columbus believe he had landed?
The Indies (or the Indonesian Islands... aka the Orient)
What did Marco Polo do when he returned from his years in the Orient?
Wrote a book about his years in the Orient that inspired other explorers like Columbus.
Who was first to circumnavigate the world?
Why is America named after Vespucci?
Because he discovered that it was not the Orient and was actually a new continent.
Who did Cortez conquer?
The Aztec Empire
What did Europeans gain in the Columbian Exchange?
Chocolate, llamas, chili peppers,
Natural resources like lumber and furs
What did Americans gain in the Columbian Exchange?
New foods (wheat, peas, onions, ginger etc) and animals (horses, cows, pigs), new languages, technology such as steel tools
Why do we speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in America today?
Because these are the mother countries that settled the Americas and these are the languages they spoke.
What was the name of the first permanent English settlement?
Why was Jamestown successful and Roanoake was not?
They sent more people each year to Jamestown to replace all of the colonists that had died. The just kept sending more and more people.
What crop made it possible for Jamestown to survive because they sold it as a cash crop?
What was the name of the joint stock company that was sent to the Chesapeake Bay to look for gold and establish trade in fish and furs?
The Virginia Company
Who learned how to grow a type of tobacco from the West Indies and married Pocahontas?
John Rolf
Which experienced soldier was a great leader of Jamestown and coined the phrase, "If you don't work, you don't eat!"
John Smith
What year was Jamestown founded?
What year was Plymouth colony founded?
What was the name of the document signed by the Pilgrims that pledged their loyalty to England, established governing rules, and united colonists together in the New World
The Mayflower Compact
Why did the Pilgrims come to the New World?
Religious Freedom...They disagreed with the beliefs and practices of the Church of England.
Who were Squanto and Samoset and what did they do?
Native Americans that showed the Pilgrims how to grow corn, beans, pumpkins, and taught them how to hunt and fish.
What three industries was the economy of the New England colonies based on?
the fur industry
Free and compulsory public education was characteristic of which group of colonies?
New England Colonies
Which group of colonies was known for religious tolerance and having many different churches?
Middle Colonies
Which colonies were primarily known for huge plantations of cash crops like tobacco, rice, indigo, and cotton?
In the triangular trade, name three products exported from the Americas to Europe?
Cash Crops, Lumber, furs, rum
What are Cash crops?
Crops that you could sell to make a profit. Tobacco, Rice, Indigo, Cotton
In the triangular trade, what was the main product exported from Africa to the Americas?
Mississippi River
What river is this?
Ohio River
What river is this?
Appalachian Mountains
What Mountain Range is this?
Rio Grande River
What river is this?
Great Plains
What is this?
Missouri River
What river is this?
Political Map
What kind of Map is this?
Physical Map
What kind of map is this?
Rocky mountains
What Mountain Range is this?
Colorado River
What river is this?