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andar mal (de salud, de dinero, etc.)

to be (sick, broke, etc.)

aprender de memoria

to memorize, to learn by heart

caerle bien (mal) a alguien

to make a good (bad) impression

caerse muerto

to drop dead

cambiar de idea

to change one's mind

contar con

to rely on

costarle trabajo

to be difficult for someone

creer que sí (no)

(not) to think so


to turn...years old

deberse a

to be due to

decir (muchos) disparates

to talk nonsense

decir que sí (no)

to say yes (no)

dejar caer

to drop

dormir a pierna suelta

to sleep like a log (soundly)

ganarse la vida

to earn one's living

llamar a la puerta

to knock on the door

llevar a cabo

to carry out, to accomplish, to finish

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