sociology Final

Secessionist minorities are groups that:
reject assimilation
In 1995, the supreme court ruled that privately sponsored religious displays are permitted on public property if:
other forms of expression are permitted in the same location.
Polonia moved to the outer suburbs due to:
d.) All of these!
--upward mobilty
--change in jobs oppurtunities
--change in leisure activities
Which of the following is an example of respectable bigotry?
d.) all of the these!
--pollock jokes
--tv shos that depict Italions as members of organized crime
--the stereotype that most irish are alcoholics
Which of the following statements about Irish symbolic ethnicity is true?
St. Patrick's Day parties and parades were exported from America to Ireland in the 20th century.
When the Irish immigrated to America during the Potato Famine, they:
encountered an emerging nativism
Nationwide, unemployment of native americans is at:
The ____ has the authority to determine who qualifies as "Indian" in the quest for tribal sovereignty.
Federal government
What is a kickout?
A native american school dropout who leaves behind an unproductive academic enviroment
Congress amended the American Indian religious freedom act in 1994 to allow native americans the right to:
possess and use peyote for religious purposes
Today, most American Indians' preference for self-identification is to use:
Their tribal affiliation
Which government program encouraged native americans to pursue urban jobs off the reservation?
The employee Assisstance Program
Those who participate in traditional Navajo ways of life:
are just as successful in school
Martin Luther King, Jr's approach included all of the following EXCEPT:
passive acceptance of injustice
Evidence that Black rioters of the 1960's included middle class, working-class, and educated members of the community, served to discredit:
The riff-raff theory
The Black Panther party was organized by:
Huey Newton & Bobby Seale
Stokely Carmicheal differed from King in that Carmicheal rejected the goal of:
assimilation into White middle class society
All of the following are true according to Afrocentric perspective EXCEPT:
African culture should become less & less important to Black Americans
Antislavery advocates, including Whites & Blacks, were called:
The red summer refers to violence agains African Americans:
Following WW1
stereotyping is related to self-fulfilling prophecy in that:
d.) all of these!
The use of race-neutral principles to defend the racially unequal status quo is called:
color-blind racism
Asking people their willingness to work with or be employed with people of different ethnic backgrounds measure their level of:
social distance
Intergroup hostility refers to predjudice by:
minorities toward other minorities
Racial profiling is:
based on stereotypes
The work of Karl Marx influenced which theory of predjudice?
exploitation theory
Scapegoating theory:
explains why people blame others for their own shortcomings
The practice of locating landfills near minority neighborhoods examplifies:
enviromental racism
Dominant group members tend to have access to more opportunities, which translates to better quality of life in many ways. Sociologist call this type of inequality:
relative deprivation
In what ways has the government attempted to eliminate discrimination?
d.) all of these
What is institutional discrimination?
The denial of oppurtunities resulting from the normal operations of society.
Secession is:
The withdrawel of a group of people from a dominant group to esablish a new nation.
Being forced to leave areas or vacate a country is:
Which team refers to the physical seperation of two groups of people in terms of residence, workplace, and social functions?
The term melting pot refers to:
d.) all of these
The process by which an individual gives up his or her own cultural tradition to become part of a different culture is known as:
Which of the following allows a minority group to express its own culture and still to participate without predjudice in the larger society?
Which is an example of the development of panethnicity?
The coalition of tribal groups as Native Americans or American Indians
The status of being between two cultures at the same time is:
Opponents see the Afrocentric perspective as:
Asian Americans include all of the following EXCEPT:
Puerto Ricans
Of the following, which Asian American group has the highest levels of educational achievement?
Asian Indians
The term Yellow Peril captured which of the following characterizations of Asian people?
d.) all of these
The media feul predjudice against Asian Americans with:
d.) all of these
Asian Indians see ____ work as most likely to help them make the transition to the U.S. and to give them the money they need to become self-reliant:
Desi is a colloquil name for people who trace their ancestry to ____.
Viet Kieu are:
people from Vietnam living abroad
Following the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act, Chinese became eligible to immigrate again in?
Diversity within the Chinese American group is found in
d.) all of these
One paradox of Chinatowns is that:
Their image of bright lights and exotic sounds conceals widespread poverty
Which of the following is part of the Chinese Six Companies (or CCBA)?
hui kuan
First generation Japanese immigrants to the U.S. are known as:
California's 1913 Alien Land Act:
drove Japanese farmers into cities
The public reason given for the placement of Japanese Americans in evacuation camps was:
to prevent potential sabotage
The Holocaust refers to:
the state policy of persecution and annihilation of European Jews
Those who claim that the Holocaust did not happen are called:
Holocaust revisionists
Which of the following is true about the document titled Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
d.) all of these!
An increasing number of anti-jewish episodes are occurring in the United States at:
college campuses
The exile of Jews from Palenstine starting several centuries before christianity is called the _____.
Concerning the Jewish social identity, sometimes it has become impossible for jews to shed their "Jewishness," or:
The USA Patriot Act passed, in October 2001,
has specific provisions condemning discrimination against Arab and Muslim Americans
The term middle eastern can include:
d.) all of these
The collected sayings of Muhammad are called the:
A pilgrimage to the holy land is caleed ___ by muslims.
____, a country that is home to many muslims, banned the Hijab.
___ was highly critical of the civil rights movement in general and of Martin Luther King jr., in paticular.
Malcolm X
Which Muslim group is predominant in Iraq & Iran?
Hispanic folk medicene is called:
The most important formal organization in the Hispanic community is found in:
the church
Pentecostalism is growing in the Hispanic community because:
d.) all of these
the 1930's program of deporting Mexicans was called:
All of the following are differences between Puerto Ricans on the island and those living in Newyork EXCEPT:
Island Puerto Ricans speak better English
____ are peoples oppurtunities to provide themselves with material goods, positive living conditions, and favorable living experiences.
Life chances
The term Marielitos applied to the third major migration from Cuba to the US implies that these refugees were:
Among the factors that distinguish Central and South Americans in the United states from each other is:
d.) all of these
____ serves as a reminder of the social construction of race.
The color gradient
Latino immigrants who dies serving in the Iraq war:
d.) all of these
How do mexicans who live in mexico benefit from the immigration of their family members and neighbors?
d.) all of these
What factors influence the two major political parties to court the Hispanic vote?
d.) all of these
Why do Mexicans immigrate to the United States illegally?
To improve their econmoic circumstances.